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9D Journeys

Every journey is different and beautifully crafted based on the intentions of the specific journey.  Our journey offerings are constantly being updated with new journeys each month. 

Click the button below for a PDF file to see the descriptions for the journeys that are currently offered. 

Video descriptions of each journey

As more journeys are added to our offering library, please continue to check back often.  Each link below will take you to a short video describing what the theme is for the journey, as well as what you can expect from each one.  The outcomes are commonly experienced from our breathers and after your session, we would love your feedback too!

Click the videos below for short video descriptions for the journeys that are currently offered. 

5 minute Activation

5 minute Relaxation

12 minute Activation

Stress & Anxiety Release

Integration & Regeneration

Down Regulation & Regeneration

Letting Go

Healing Ancestorial Lines

5 Primary Trauma Imprints


Full System Reset

Transcending Fear

Stay tuned, more journeys offered each month

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