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Meet Susie

Certified Holistic Health & Wellness Expert

Welcome to my world!! I am so glad you are here! 

Over the past 23 years, my business has evolved as the chapters of my life changed. I am truly passionate about helping women, as well as the impact WE have on our children.

My life experiences have shaped the way I support and show up to work with my clients. From overcoming a 20-year shamefully hidden battle with depression, which led to me allowing mental and emotional abuse from others as well as myself, having 8 surgeries in my adult life (including two back surgeries and removing my breast implants due to health issues), to living alcohol free for over 12 years, becoming a wife and mom of two, all while having several thriving businesses. It can be done, it doesn't have to consume you and I'm here to show you how.

I embrace living my best life while sharing how you can too! I spend my free time gardening, making suncatchers, and being outdoors - especially the beach. We've traveled to 23 countries as a family, and adore our chihuahua and rescued stray kitty!

I cannot wait to work with you and see where your journey leads! I am honored you have chosen me to be a part of this amazing and life changing experience!

Susie Bower - creator of The Foundations, Amwaj Holistic Health and Fit and Kneady

I believe the obstacles we face, AND how we react and learn from them are what makes us who we are.  At the depths of our pain and suffering, we might not understand why.  Divine timing and reasoning will eventually be revealed. It's time to dig deeper into your pain.

~ My first back surgery was 20 years ago, it gave me the power to realize my lifestyle was what put me on that operating room table, and I had 2 choices - change my lifestyle or be back on the surgical table within 2-5 years (according to my neurosurgeon).  

~ Finding out I was pregnant gave me the time to ask the hard questions and the clarity to see why I was using alcohol to cope, to find the root of my anger and pain, and see the influence it also had on my depression.  I've been sober for over 10 years now.

~ Already feeling shame from society after having a C-section, then struggling with breastfeeding, I was consumed with guilt and pain thinking I was completely failing at this mom thing.

~ As excited I was to be blessed with two kids, our second child really triggered my deep rooted feelings of never being good enough. As much as I tried to make him happy, he had a completely different demeanor with me.  I wore myself out to the point of exhaustion trying to anticipate his needs, be in control, be a good wife, and at the same time not neglect the needs and feelings of our first child.  I was mentally and emotionally drained from doing too much for everyone else and neglecting my own needs.  This is when my low back pain resurfaced.

~ The recovery from my second back surgery (from changing my lifestyle and habits I made it 19 years without issues and pain free - beating the 2-5 years my doctor predicted) sent me down the darkest depressive spiral I have ever been down.  After my ninth cycle of not washing my hair for at least three weeks, I became aware of my patterns and felt compelled to make this video revealing my struggles I had been hiding.  Publicly posting this video flooded my inbox with messages from other women thanking me for my bravery and being their voice.  They also thought they were the only ones going though this.  I also discovered the deeper reason behind the passion I have for fitness; my mental health DEPENDS on me moving my body. This was the moment I realized how I can truly help others take back their power and live a life free from pain. Over two years later, I still get messages and comments about this video. 

~ About 7 years ago, my seemingly healthy body was becoming quite sick. Unexplained health issues began to pile up and of course, rather than burden anyone with my issues, I kept it to myself. It wasn't until I was talking to a friend with very similar health issues. She had recently had her breast implants removed and was feeling much better. She added me to a few groups on Facebook where I found THOUSANDS of women experiencing the same exact health issues. I made the choice to have my implants removed and from the moment I woke up from surgery I was already seeing improvements in my health. It was from this moment I realized I had to share my story with others and show them how to be their own health advocate. I share my process for prepping for a surgery like this (mentally, emotionally, and physically), as well as the post surgery recovery. 

I could have allowed each one of these to destroy me.  Letting them be the excuse I didn't or couldn't do something.  Instead, I learned from them.  These, and many other experiences not only shaped me, they became the foundation for my business and why I created my programs.  I don't want people to escape their pain, I want them to break free from it!

We are all uniquely individual and should be treated such. You are not given a cookie cutter plan to follow with my services and programs. You will discover how to reconnect to yourself, radically re-define your self awareness and acceptance, tune into to your body and it's needs, and we will develop a plan specific to you. You will be empowered to intuitively make changes to your plan to meet your needs as you enter a new season of life or goals change. 

Bottom line is - my life changed when I made a choice to accept that I was the only one responsible for the way my life was. It's hard owning up to that, but that's why I'm here and also why you will have success.  When you begin to take ownership, there is an abundant feeling of self empowerment when you do.  That's what I want for you.

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