My Story

We've been conditioned to think something is wrong with us, we're broken, and what's on the outside is more valuable than the inside.

I'm here to break down the lies and bullshit, and have you start trusting yourself.

Trust yourself around food.

Trust you don't need to be on a diet.  Ever again.  No really, stop dieting.

Trust your intuition, you know, that "gut" feeling.

Trust that you are beautiful. Trust that you deserve more.

Trust that chasing numbers will never lead to happiness.

Hey there, thanks for stopping by! I believe the obstacles we face, AND how we react and learn from them are what makes us who we are.  At the depths of our pain and suffering, we might not understand why.  Divine timing and reasoning will eventually be revealed.

~ My first back surgery was 20 years ago, it gave me the power to realize my lifestyle was what put me on that operating room table, and I needed to change.  

~ Finding out I was pregnant gave me the time to question and the clarity to see why I was using alcohol to cope, to find the root of my anger, and see the influence it also had on my depression.  I've been sober for almost 10 years now.


~  Leaving my family for a month-long yoga teacher training in Peru ended my breastfeeding journey with our son, filling me with mom guilt. But, my time in the Sacred Valley and climbing Machu Picchu Mountain, showed me strength I never knew I had and fueled my newfound love of cold showers!

~ The recovery from my second back surgery a year and a half ago sent me down the darkest depressive spiral I have ever been down.  After my ninth cycle of not washing my hair for at least three weeks, I instantly became aware of my patterns and felt compelled to make a video revealing my struggles I had been hiding.  Publicly posting this video flooded my inbox with messages from other women thanking me for my bravery and being their voice.  They also thought they were the only ones going though this.  I also discovered the deeper reason behind the passion I have for fitness; my mental health depends on me moving my body.

I could have allowed each one of these to destroy me.  Letting them be the excuse I didn't or couldn't do something.  Instead, I learned from them.  These, and many other experiences not only shaped me, they became the foundation for my business and why I created my programs.

We are all uniquely individual and should be treated such. You are not given a cookie cutter plan to follow with my services and programs .  You will learn stress management techniques, food freedom and fasting, how to listen to your body, and we will develop a plan specific to you. You will be empowered to intuitively make changes to your plan to meet your needs as you enter a new season of life or goals change. 

Are you ready to drop the labels?  Ready to stop trying to fit into a box or follow strict rules?

Help me get to know you better, then schedule your some time to chat with me.

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