Aligned Resistance

If you have ever been physically fit and then had surgery, you could possibly find yourself in an extremely uncomfortable mindset.   


Going from physical activity 5 days a week for over 15 years to not being able to do anything for 7 weeks sent me down the most depressive spiral of my entire life.  It was the most humbling  experience, yet I am insanely grateful for it.  

Folding Yoga Mat

Working out and proper nutrition came easy to me, I had built solid, healthy habits in the previous 15 years.  When my physical limitations from recovering from my second back surgery brought these daily habits to an abrupt halt, I was FINALLY able to connect why movement was so crucial and important to me.  I thought it was just habits, turns out my mental health DEPENDED on me moving my body.

Aligned Resistance was created when I was getting back into moving my body.  I needed a way to safely return to building back my muscular strength and stability. 20 years as  massage therapist (board certified since 2008) has provided a wealth of understanding in anatomy, movement and injury prevention.  Combining this with my experience of creating movement plans for populations with limited mobility is what truly makes this a plan strategically designed to help maximize your strength and performance without compromising proper form. 

In addition to the fitness portion of this program, you will also learn stress management techniques, as well as ways to maximize your sleep and recovery.

This program for you if you:
  • Have limited mobility

  • Are recovering from injury or surgery

  • Want more knowledge of proper form

  • Need a low impact program that progresses as you do

  • Are new to strength training


Establish your baseline


Measurable progress and improvements

Develop muscle memory and re-education

Increase muscle strength and stability


Designed to maximize proper form

Removes ability to overcompensate 

Movement patterns using only the specific muscle group for a more focused workout


Discover how your body moves


Learn proper form for movement and strength training


Find and improve imbalances


Build your confidence to strength train

Develop mind-muscle connection

Improve posture and body alignment

Program Wait List

Filming is wrapping up, I'd love to know more about you, your needs and how I can best serve you.

Your current situation is not your destination.

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