De-stress Method

"There cannot be a crisis next week. My schedule is already full."

~ Henry A. Kissinger

It's 1:46 am, you've been in bed for an hour already and can't sleep - you're tired and wired.  With so much to do tomorrow, you just want your mind to shut off so you can get some sleep, yet it feels impossible....

When the alarm goes off you hit snooze.  Three times.  Now you HAVE to get up and probably going to be late, but first, coffee.  Maybe two cups.  Or three.

Work brings a never ending inbox, anxiety about barely making deadlines, you're struggling to concentrate and focus, cramming food in WHILE you work and maybe some more coffee.  

Homework isn't done yet, no one wants to eat their dinner, your spouse isn't helping with the chores and out of nowhere, you end up going full exorcist and yelling at your kids right before bed.

Does any of that sound familiar? 

Can you even remember the last time you really laughed and didn't feel stressed,  overwhelmed or not "too busy"? 

Why do we believe living like this is normal?

Are you ready to wake up refreshed, have endless energy all day, not be controlled by your emotions, have less stress and sleep easy?  


The De-stress Method is your guide for a deeper understanding of how stress is having an impact on your life and how to create a shift to become better able to manage stress in the future.  Together we will:

  • Identify how stress is showing up for you - your body is communicating with you, the question is - are you listening?  Many times we brush off these smaller signals from our body.  As we keep putting them off, we could find ourselves in the doctors office wondering what is happening.  Being able to identify these clues is the first steps in learning how to manage our stress.

  • Understanding your triggers and how to manage your stress response - when you are more aware of what your triggers are, when they happen, and why they elicit the response they do, then you are better prepared to begin managing your stress.

  • Establish your baseline of where you're starting - in order to know if you are making progress and if significant changes are being made, first you have to know where you start.  

  • Mindset Makeover - your thoughts, ideas, and beliefs have an impact on creating your reality.  You will learn how to tune into your self talk, take steps to shift your perspective to see things differently.

  • Learn stress management techniques - there are many different approaches to calm the mind and the body.  Maybe you've tried something before and it didn't really work.  That's because are all individuals and operated differently, cookie cutter approaches tend to fall flat.  These techniques will be tailored specifically to effectively and significantly reduce your stress.

  • Create a plan for long term success - as you develop new stress responses, your brain changes over time.  This is why you develop habits, it's just constant repetitive behavior - beneficial or not.  Let's re-wire your brain!

De-stress Method Guide Cover .png

De-stress Method Program is successful in not only stress management, it also encourages building your resilience to be better prepared to handle what comes at you.

Stress impacts everyone differently, so I cannot tell you exactly what your results will be, you will be better at answering that if you ask yourself - how will my life look if I was better able to manage my stress level?

Stephie H.

Using the guidance Susie gave me, I was finally able to realize how my immune system was impacted from chronic stress.  I couldn't understand why I was always getting sick. Why is this not talked about anywhere?! I've lost over 12 lbs. (from always being bloated) and have kept it off for almost 6 months now. I've never felt better!

Theresa P.

Couldn't be happier. Susie is quite knowledgeable. I instantly knew I was in good hands. This program did an excellent job at educated me on the proper care of my body and how I can be my best. I thought being tired and fatigued was a part of aging and I'd be stuck with feeling like this for the rest of my life. I swear I have more energy now than I did in my 20's!

Carmen M.

I'll be honest, I knew my stress levels were through the roof, but I didn't think that was what was causing my weight gain.  I did the mentorship and Susie worked with me to get my stress management handled and held me accountable to the "homework" she gave me.  I am happy to say my midsection is shrinking and my gratitude is expanding!