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These are my favorite items I use pretty much every single day to be an OptimizHer Biohacker!  They either help me with my daily meditation, sleep and circadian rhythm, mitochondria function, cognitive strength, mental focus and clarity, energy and so much more!  Some of these products I get on Amazon because we can't get them in Italy.   There are also some links directly to the company's website for the products.  

Some of the links on this page are affiliate links and I may receive a commission.  This just helps out in allowing me to test out more products to give honest reviews in my blog and to save you money!


I built my at home infrared sauna with these exact products.  Check out my blog posts for more information.

These are some of my favorite books on the topic of red light therapy.

I wear these glasses after the sun goes down if I am going to be watching TV or working on the computer.  I also wear it during the day if I am working on the computer for more than one hour.  See my blog post on blue light blocking glasses for more about the benefits.

I dry brush everyday before using my red light therapy sauna.  In just 2 weeks of daily use combined with the sauna I have seen DRASTIC improvements in the texture of my skin!

As a massage therapist for 20 years, I can HIGHLY recommend this specific massage tool based on it's high quality, strong output and how quiet it is compared to other similar products.  It's great for getting the muscles ready pre-workout as well as for muscle recovery after the workout.

This mat is incredible and a great value compared to other similar mats that cost more.

To learn more about the only company I trust for my nootropics, check out my blog post

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