My Favorite Things

These are my favorite items for the home office.  Check out the description by each item, there could possibly be a blog post on it too!  Some of the links below are affiliate links, which means I may get a commission when you click and order from the link.  This helps to support my website and social media channels so I can continue to try items out to save you the hassle of buying things that suck.  I'll give you my honest opinion and if I absolutely love it, you'll see it here!


I'll be honest, when my husband first got this, I was pissed!  I thought it was too expensive and couldn't see the value in it.  

Then after my low back started hurting from the herniated discs, it allowed me to continue to work by choosing to stand at the desk or sit in a chair.

An absolute MUST when working on the computer - especially at night after the sun goes down!

We use the nest camera as a baby monitor/security camera.  Our home office is also a shared space with our kid's play room, so it's nice to keep an eye on them if I'm upstairs.

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