My Favorite Things

These are my favorite items I use pretty much every single day!  They either help me with my daily meal prep, favorite foods we have to order on Amazon because we can't get them in Italy, my favorite yoga and health products.  I also threw in a few things that makes our travel much easier and some pet items we love!


She loves having fresh water circulating, I swear she drinks more water and stays hydrated since we got this!

We add this to her drinking water and she doesn't mind the flavor.  I believe it has helped to keep the tartar off the back teeth.

These name tags make it very easy to slide through her existing collar.  Since she's only six pounds and always wears a collar, we didn't want something that dangles or hangs.

We love the nest camera!  When we travel and she has a pet sitter at the house, we can set the nest camera up in the kitchen to chat with her while we are gone.

We use this carrier when we travel with our pup.  It works great on the airline as well as the trains.  The we set it up in the hotel so she has a safe, comforting place to rest and can go in and out as she pleases.

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