My Favorite Things

These are some of my favorite items we use in our travels - and we travel on average about once a month!  They are easily ordered on Amazon or links will take you to the product's website.  Some of these are affiliate links and by clicking on them, I may earn a small commission.  When ordering from the links, you are helping my social media channels grow by supporting this small business so I can continue to research and provide valuable content.  Some of the affiliate links will give you a sweet discount too!  


Each family member has their own different color.  It makes packing a breeze and keeps the clothes folded and organized.

I like to keep my clothes organized by using one for "normal" clothes, one for workout clothes and another for PJ's, swimsuit, socks and bras.

I love how lightweight this is and all of the different compartments.  I can organize all of my stuff and the kid's stuff in this one bag.

This is amazing for keeping the charging cords together in one place - not in a huge knotted ball! 

It's good to have in the home office for organization too.

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