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Are you tired of the dieting roller coaster?  Ready to get off this ride for good and heal the relationship you have with food?

This program is for you if you:

  • Don't understand how your metabolism works and want to learn

  • Are tired of starting a diet, quitting and then starting again

  • Need help with improving the way you see your body

  • Are confused what to eat

  • Don't want to have to count calories

  • Done with jumping from one diet to the next

  • Have lost trust in yourself to know when you are hungry or full

  • Ready to improve the relationship you have with food

Tell me if this sounds familiar....

You just started another diet and only a week into it you're already miserable.  All day long you are eating tiny little meals that are anything but satisfying, you do nothing but watch the clock so you can eat again.

You're tired.

You're hungry.

You dream about "bad" food.

You feel like shit.

Week two just started, you step on the scale and want to cry.... You haven't lost any weight.  Then you start to wonder why you're working so hard for nothing.  Suddenly that "bad" food doesn't seem like such a terrible idea. Until you realize you were mindlessly eating and finished the entire bag.

Guess it's back to the diet on Monday....


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Program Details:

We will take a deeper look at your current relationship with food, how you see yourself and what that means to you.  You learn why your limiting beliefs and negative self talk have such a huge impact on your thoughts and actions.

Next we will talk about your metabolism and introduce you to several options to experiment with - there's not a wrong or right way, there's only your way.  We will take a look at what you are currently eating and learn how to still eat the foods you love while you are fueling your body for your needs and goals.

Then it's time to go to nutrition school! Get ready to break a lot of rules! Learn how to read food labels and see beyond the clever marketing tactics that are extremely manipulative and purposely have an impact on your psychology.  You will also learn how to align your body and mind, how sleep and stress have an impact on your health, including why it makes it harder to lose excess body fat. 

By the end of the program you will be able to eat without guilt, shame, obsessing and overthinking. Going out to eat with friends will no longer cause you stress about what to eat or worry about overeating and being uncomfortably stuffed. 


You will no longer try to eat based on willpower of restricting and eliminating.  You will learn how to make choices for YOUR body and needs.

One on One Private Calls and Group calls
  • 1 hour bi-weekly group call for Q&A, individual and collective help (replay available)

  • Unlimited email or DM support between calls

1:1 and Group Coaching Support

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  • New videos released weekly

  • Bonus material and updates

  • Lifetime access

Weekly Learning Modules

  • Supplemental information following modules to help you stay accountable and take action

Worksheets and Handouts

Meet Susie, your instructor


I used to think my value came from the size of clothes I fit in and I was way too concerned about what others thought of me.  Over 20 years ago when I stepped into the health, fitness and wellness industry, I was just doing what I was taught.  Then I started to ask more questions and finally understood how manipulative the food industry was, was appalled at how magazines over photoshopped the cover models and realized women were being made to feel like failures - on purpose.  We were being sold food manufactured in a lab made to be addicting, which impacted our gut health and the way our body absorbs nutrients, which then caused weight gain, to which we were sold a diet product...

No more!  I am honored to have you here and I will be right by your side during this entire journey!  

What My Clients Are Saying:


I can't believe how many years I've spent hating my body.  My only regret of this program - not doing it sooner!  I loved the bonus self love book!


I had no idea my lack of sleep was causing so many of my weight loss issues.  Once I put more focus on quality sleep, I saw improvements in just a week!


This program is very detailed and thorough. Worth every penny!  I never realized how deceptive the food and social media was and the way it impacts us subconsciously.


Single Payment


3 Monthly Payments