Group Coaching Workshops

Workshops are an opportunity to work with me in a group setting. Are you a company, fitness studio or community wanting someone to come and talk all things mindset, nutrition or healthy living? This is an experience involving nutrition talks, dietary recommendations, mindful movement, meditation and more. This is a very powerful and special experience to share with co-workers, business partners, friends and family members. 

A perfect starter workshop would be: A Mindset Makeover.  I will take the group through my simple method of mindful eating, movement and meditation. Including my top 10 wellness and mindfulness tips.


Other workshop options include Self Care - It's NOT Selfish, Importance of Sleep Habits and Nightly Routines, The Truth about Inflammation, How to Make Kombucha, Foam Rolling and Other Myo-Fascial Release Techniques - and many more! I can customize workshops to your groups specific wants and needs. Length and fees varies depending on location and group size. I look forward to working together and helping your group create lasting change to live their best life.

Let's Schedule a Workshop!

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