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Our CHOSEN Family

If you have ever been stationed overseas while your spouse is deployed, I think you can understand the new meaning of a chosen family with your military family.

Being overseas on back to back tours has been a little more tough on us compared to when we were living stateside and my husband was deployed.  When your closest family is thousands and thousands of miles away, you have 2 choices - create a family or go crazy!

I take pride in knowing a lot of our team is made up of military spouses!  

ALL fees are waived and receive a 25% Discount on all products 

As a way to say thank you and give back to our military, we offer a complete waiver of all fees and you get 25% off all products!

Once you join us, there is a simple online form to complete.  There is no obligation for you to ever "become a coach".  You can just hang around for the discount, that's what I did for years before becoming a coach!

For military, it's a no brainer to join since it makes it completely free to join AND you save 25% on top of that.

Home is where the military takes us....

We have lived in 5 different places - 3 different states in the United States and 2 other countries overseas - and being honest, we got lucky!  We were in San Diego for almost 10 years!  

Military families understand the stress of moving to a new place, not having friends, not knowing anything about the schools or community, the chaos of not understanding the host nation's language.  

Fortunately the one thing we don't have to worry about is finding a job!  We have the best opportunity because we can work from anywhere in the world!  I have worked while vacationing all through Europe and Asia.

As a military spouse (and even as a mom), sometimes we lose our own identity.  As a coach, I have been able to have something that was my own, a business  that I created and can take with me to any duty station.  

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