OptimizHER Biohacking Program Options
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Option 1

OptimizHER Biohacking Online Program

  • Self Paced Online Course

  • Lifetime Access to Content

  • Collection of biohacking techniques designed specifically for a woman's unique body

Online Meeting
Option 2

Option #1 + 4 Bi-Weekly Mentor Sessions

  • Get feedback as you learn to understand the cues of your body

  • Private Q&A  specific to you

  • Stay accountable on apply the material of the program

  • Assistance in designing your own personalized program


Brook F.

There is so much valuable information in this program!  I had no idea how to maximize my training during my cycle, it's really helped in improving my strength and knowing when I should rest.  My PMS and cravings are gone!

Wendy S.

I am so happy this program goes into detail about how to understand the data collected from wearables (my Whoop).  Now I really understand how to get the best recovery and raise my HRV.  Thank you!

Jessica D.

I followed Susie for a while on IG and always wondered about her red light tent and cold showers/outdoor pool dips she did.  So I finally got her program and learned how to do it myself. I feel so amazing, my skin looks supple and my sleep has never been better.  This program helped me in countless ways!