biohacker \ ˈbī-​ō-​ˌha-​kər  \ noun, plural biohackers

 Susie Bower, 40, is a self-described biohacker—somebody who uses science and technology to explore ways to make her body function better, more efficiently and perform at optimal health levels.

Live a Soul Powered Life through Female Focused Approach to Wellness


We’ve all been there. Maybe it’s where you live too.


Starvation. Fad diets. Obsessing over food and counting each and every almond. Dying during workouts. More fog in your brain than Seattle in the spring (I don’t actually know if that one’s accurate, but you get the idea).


How long have you been along for the yo-yo dieting, roller coaster ride?


There is an answer!  Biohacking. A do-it-yourself approach to YOUR health, and who doesn’t love a good DIY in this Insta-Face-Pinterest generation? A quick Google search snags tons of results for this popular method—SCORE! But, how many of those are tailored to the needs of women’s bodies? (Spoiler alert, it’s nearly none.)



Problem, meet solution:  The OptimizHer Biohacking Method

If you are wanting to:

- Stop dieting for good

- Increase your immunity

- Understand your body's cues

- Maximize energy and motivation 

- Optimize your overall performance

- Understand and balance your hormones

- Be more productive and have better focus

- Achieve quality sleep that is restorative and rejuvenating

- Choose the right workout for your body to maximize your efforts and results  


Biohacking as an OptimizHer will have you ONE STEP CLOSER to living a Soul Powered Life!


Living a Soul Powered Life teaches you how to empower yourself to realize your self worth, learn to ALIGN your life and personal care with a healthy lifestyle which creates the foundation of a healthy family life.  Everyone deserves to live their BEST life!

Susie describes biohacking as simply understanding your own body, and it's biological functions so well you can tweak your habits to improve your entire life through overall health optimization.  This does cover nutrition, movement and sleep but it goes much deeper into those and encompasses other crucial aspects in order to see an upgrade in your body's health and performance.


The OptimizHer Biohacking method takes generic biohacking to a new level by dialing in, customizing, and accounting for key differences, advantages even, between men and women’s bodies.  However, biohacking a woman's body is a little different than it is for a man since we have more complex hormones that we can take advantage of.  By combining ancient wisdom with modern science (which is constantly evolving) we are able to completely maximize our life to live as the best version of ourselves.  






Let's Break It Down....

Nutrition Style:  There is no one size fits all when it comes to nutrition. It's not some cookie cutter plan you can pull from the internet.  In fact, it you can't even find it online because it doesn't even exist...  Yet. 


     ~ This is where we build a strong foundation.  As we work together, over time we actually CREATE a nutrition style that is 100% customized to YOU. It's created for you based on your body, metabolism, season of life you're currently in, psychology, physiology, personal preferences and dietary needs.  One of the highlights of why this process is so important - you will learn more about your metabolism, how to listen to your body and it's cues.  You will also learn how what you eat has an impact on your energy levels, mood, cravings, sleep, recovery from exercise, hunger and hormones.  You will NEVER have to DIET AGAIN!  You just do what works best for you.

Sleep: How's that going for you right now?  Chances are it can be improved and that's exactly what we look at.  You will establish a sleep routine that has you sleeping peacefully in less than 10 minutes from hitting the pillow.  Sleep is often disregarded when people talk about health and its actually a HUGE player in the game!

Energy Level: Do you get that mid-day slump?  Find yourself unable to keep up with your kids who seem to have endless amounts of energy?  See those two up there, nutrition and sleep?  They have A LOT to do with your energy and how you optimally perform.  

What else?  Balance hormones, increased immunity, better focus, softer, firmer skin and dare I say improved intimate relationships...

What do you get?

Step By Step Guide for each Module

OptimizHer Biohacking Method is a 10 week online program that provides you with weekly modules to dive deep into each topic to really get a deep understanding of your body, how it works and what it wants.

The style of the training is self paced, however we will have scheduled weekly calls to go over any questions of the presented material, check ins and to keep you accountable.

When you apply what you learn from each of the modules, you will FEEL the difference in your body and the quality of your life and there will be massive shifts in your mindset.

Video and audio trainings

Downloadable worksheets and trackers

Looking to go deeper?

Tell me if this sounds familiar....

You are fired up and ready to start your new program, dialing in your nutrition and starting to workout again.  Then about 2 weeks into the restrictive, boring diet your cravings kick in BIG TIME.  Next thing you know, you're elbow deep in a box of cookies (for me it was always Reese's Peanut Butter Oreos) and have no idea how many you've already inhaled.  Then you go HARD at the gym to "work off" what you just did.  But then you come back and you're even hungrier with even stronger cravings.  Then you give up on your silly new diet because it wasn't really working anyway.....  You can start again Monday and might as well enjoy the weekend, right?

Do you know how common this vicious cycle is?  I'd say near 96% of women have fallen into this trap and the other 4% are just lying to themselves....

We've all been there, but it doesn't have to be this way.  Just like our body's don't start to break down as we age.  WE are doing this to ourselves.  I have clients in their 40's and 50's that are even more active, healthy and vibrant than women half their age!

I've been here in the health, fitness and wellness industry for 20 years biohacking before it was even called biohacking! I'm not quitting any time soon.  We can look at what is getting in your way - are you working too much and not taking time to rest or repair your own body, are you spending more time scrolling social media than you are working on your own wellbeing, constantly looking for ideas to motivate you, maybe you're playing the comparison game, you are constantly jumping from diet trend to the next fad diet..... Dare I go on?  What would happen if you finally realized you need a plan MADE FOR YOU and ONLY YOU?  When you listen to and work with your body, you don't need to diet, you wake up each day knowing you are getting better in ALL aspects of your life.

Now let's imagine those goals you always set for yourself actually stick.  All of those thought patterns, self sabotage, every excuse in the book you give yourself for why something is the way it is - they're gone!  You maintain this healthy state for years and years.  How does it feel?  That reflection in the mirror you see, what does she look like?  How happy is she?  How fulfilled is she that she finally found something that works and is PERMANENT?  This can be your reality!

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