Female Focused Approach to Wellness

Starvation. Fad diets. Obsessing over food. Not sure when to eat or workout. Dying during workouts. Frustration from not getting the results your friend did. Confusion from conflicting information on women's health. Feeling tired and fatigued. Moody. Trouble sleeping or staying asleep. Groggy when you wake up. Wash-Rinse-Repeat....

How long have you been trying to fit into a box that's not made for you?


There is an answer! It's biohacking. A do-it-yourself approach to YOUR health, and who doesn’t love a good DIY in this Insta-Face-Pinterest generation? A quick Google search snags tons of results for this topic—SCORE! But, how many of those are tailored to the needs of women’s bodies? (Spoiler alert, not many)

Up until now, a woman would have to piece together all of the information she could find. OptimizHER Biohacking is the solution. It was created out of the need to have one convenient place for women to access a wealth of knowledge specifically relating to a woman's body in an easy to follow, self paced training.

Who is this program for? Women who:

  • Are looking to improve their sleep and recovery

  • Want to naturally balance their hormones

  • Understand there is no one size fits all when it comes to nutrition and are looking to better know what works best for their body

  • Want to understand their own body on a deeper level

  • Are wanting to maximize their workout performance and know how their menstrual cycle can have an impact on their fitness

  • Are ready to align their body, mind and soul for optimal health

Module Outline

Sleep is often underrated, yet it's vital to our overall health. I'd even say it's more important than your nutrition and that's why it is the first topic we will cover.

Module 1 - Sleep

  • Creating the ideal sleep environment

  • Sleep cycle and hormones

  • Sleep deprivation and weight gain

  • Understanding your circadian rhythm

  • Impact of blue light on your sleep

  • Tools available for collecting data and measuring sleep

Food has a direct impact on your mood and mental health. You may have even heard food is medicine - it's true! In this module you will learn how to get off the diet roller coaster. Understanding how your body reacts to food will give you the freedom to never have to diet again.  

Module 2 - Nutrition

  • Bio-individuality and why there is no one size fits all nutrition plan

  • Deconstruct cravings

  • Dietary theories that apply to the individual

  • How to listen to your body's cues

  • Creating your own custom nutrition plan so you never diet again

  • Cooking at home and eating out

BONUS: Gut Health

Did you know they call the gut our second brain? In this bonus section, you will learn how your gut communicates with your nerves and hormones, what leaky gut is and how to heal it, the impact of anti-inflammatory foods on your health, and understanding the healthy flow of your digestive system.

BONUS: Timed Eating Protocols

When we hear the word fasting, panic can set in! Not eat? You must be crazy! Did you know you are already practicing fasting right now? When you sleep, you are fasting. In this bonus section you will learn about many different types of fasting protocols, the health benefits of fasting and how to know if it's right for your body.

Movement is more than just exercise. It has an impact on our digestion, circulation, hormone regulation, detoxifying our body, our metabolism and even our immune system. As humans, our body was meant to move.

Module 3 - Movement

  • How your menstrual cycle impacts your exercise routine

  • Incorporating movement into your daily life

  • Best exercises for your body

  • Natural supplementation to improve performance

  • Shoes or no shoes?

  • Yoga poses for women

  • Tools to measure recovery, activity strain, strength and performance

BONUS: Enhancing Recovery

What if there were simple things you could do to enhance your recovery, increase flexibility and improve your performance? In this bonus training you will learn different stretching techniques and when to use them, self massage and myo-fascial release techniques, as well as some tools used for measuring, understanding and enhancing recovery.

Understanding your hormones doesn't have to be complicated. Having balanced hormones keeps our body running smoothly and when they get out of balance, it can cause a disruption in how we function physically, mentally and emotionally.

Module 4 - Female Hormones

  • Menstrual cycle tracking

  • Seed cycling

  • Modifying your nutrition based on your menstrual cycle

  • Best types of exercises during the phases of your cycle

  • How to know if you have hormonal imbalances

It's a misconception that we need a "strong" immune system. Having too much of an immune response is as bad as having too little. When you get sick, you may think your immune system isn't working, but the truth is - the symptoms you are having, like congestion or a runny nose is actually your body fighting back, which trigger that immune response to the virus.

Module 5 - Balancing the Immune System

  • Dietary and lifestyle choices that influence immune response

  • Natural ways to assist your immune system

  • Signs and symptoms to be aware of for an over and under active immune system

  • Importance of a balanced immune response

Our body craves being in balanced and aligned. Stress isn't always a bad thing, but if we are in a constant state of high stress, it will begin to take a toll on our physical, mental and emotional health. In this module you will learn time saving ways to manage stress, how your energy and mood, how to improve your focus and mental clarity.

Module 6 - Stress, Moods, and Brain Function

  • Become aware of your triggers

  • Types of stressors and the impact they have on your health

  • Understanding depression and anxiety

  • Improving your moods and eliminate mood swings

  • Becoming more focused and less distracted

BONUS: Meditation and Breathwork

Did you know meditation is a natural treatment to improve your health by strengthening your immune system and reducing your blood pressure? In this bonus section, you will learn about the different types of meditation. Breathwork is just controlling your breathing. You will learn techniques that range from tuning into the body's natural relaxation response all the way to creating energy levels that rival your morning caffeine boost.

BONUS: The Vagus Nerve

The vagus nerve is the longest cranial nerve, running from the brain stem to your colon. In this bonus section you will learn about many different types of fasting protocols, the health benefits of fasting and how to know if it's right for your body.

Did you know our skin is our largest organ? As part of our integumentary system, our skin has many roles as part of maintain a healthy life. Try something - cut up a garlic clove and rub it on the bottom of your foot, give it some time (shouldn't take longer than an hour) and see if you can taste it in your mouth. This can demonstrate how chemicals can penetrate your skin, now does that make you more mindfully aware of what you put on your skin?

Module 7 - Beauty

  • Skin and toxins

  • Protecting your skin microbiome

  • Abhyanga

  • Skin brushing

  • Light therapy

  • Saunas, sweating and detoxing

BONUS: Hygienic Living

Establishing a morning and evening ritual or habit that encourages hygienic practices can have an incredible impact on your overall health, not just physically but mentally and emotionally. In this bonus training you will learn techniques for oral and skin hygiene, as well as ways to incorporate more self care and self love.

We all know we are supposed to "stay hydrated", but do know why? Hydration is often an overlooked aspect of a healthy lifestyle. Hydration plays a role in regulating body temperature, keeping joints lubricated, delivering nutrients to cells, proper organ function, improving digestion, sleep quality, cognition, and our mood.

Module 8 - Hydration

  • How much do you need to drink

  • Water quality

  • Best times to drink water

  • Factors that influence hydration

The term "biohacking" may have been coined by a man, but women are the original biohackers - before it was ever a trending topic. Women have the ability to tune into their body, making them an excellent biohacker. Biohacking isn't all sci-fi and tech gadgets.  Susie describes it as understanding your own body, and it's biological functions so well you can tweak your habits to improve your entire life through overall health optimization.

This program:

Allows you to learn at your own pace

Consolidates information into an easy to navigate, single source

Will continually be updated as research evolves - you have lifetime access to the program

Will train you to be the expert of your own body

Make sense of the data collected from your wearables

What Clients Say

Teresa R.

I have struggled with intense periods, extreme mood swings, and digestive issues most of my adult life. After following this program, my cycle is regular with hardly any cramps, I'm in a great mood 99% of the time and bloating and gas are a thing of the past!

Gracie B.

I love how the material is presented in an easy to understand way. I have read about some of the concepts before but never really understood the how or why. Susie does a great job at breaking it down so it makes sense and you understand the details of why. There is so much explanation and detail that went into this program. I love that I am able to try out a new concept and know if it works for ME.

Monica C.

I was getting burnt out on trying new diets I read about or a friend recommended. Nothing ever stuck, until I finally followed my own plan. I learned how to know what my body responded best to and create my own nutrition guide. Combined with IF, I have been able to lose 27 pounds and keep it off without a struggle. I've never felt healthier!

Disclaimer: This online program is not considered a substitute for medical advice or as a medical treatment. Please discuss your treatment with your health care provider (PCP, functional medicine doctor, nutritional therapist, registered dietician, etc.) before starting any supplements or training program. This program is only intended for individual self care and as self study material.  It is a violation to copy or reproduce any of the material presented in this program.