• Susie Bower

Annoying, spammy Beachbody coaches

Updated: Jul 25

Fake people, fake compliments, playing you when you are feeling down, pushing your pain points to make you feel guilty.....

I'm done. I'm calling you out. This has to be said because enough is enough.

I take my education and YEARS spent learning VERY seriously. I don't do it to brag, I spent the time learning so that I am able to really help women BEYOND surface level. We go deep on your journey because I TRULY care. You aren't a number to me, I don't want you to buy anything unless you absolutely see the value in the tools I use. But guess what - I have MORE tools than your basic Beachbody coach. The best part - if you want NOTHING to do with Beachbody, I can and will still help you because I have the skills, education and experience to do so. I'm not in it for the sale.

Now, there are some coaches who have education in health, but most don't. Their only job as a coach is to help keep you accountable. Many try to go beyond this and end up hurting people. How do I know? Because they come to me, with a sour taste in their mouth from their past experience with a Beachbody coach and THANK me for not being like them.

So if you do need help or guidance, know I'm here and I'm NOT going to annoy you by sending you a ton of bullshit messages.

Here's the thing, I truly believe things happen for a reason and no matter how crappy the situation, there is a silver lining, a positive, and/or a lesson. How I see this situation is that it's a wake up call. The veil of ignorance, manipulation, deception, betrayal is being lifted. I know there is an issue in the Beachbody coaching world. There are some super annoying and pushy coaches who are greedy people that will do anything for a sale. They need to be called out, by me knowing the problem exists and not saying anything - I am CONTRIBUTING to the problem. I want to be the SOLUTION to this problem. I want to speak up and show women that all Beachbody coaches are NOT the same. Our team is different and genuine. Our team culture doesn't believe in or support this type of business model.

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