Be A Lady They Say

This is a very powerful video. As a woman, we are natural people pleasers. We want everyone around us to be happy, many times sacrificing our own happiness for others.

Unfortunately we also allow the thoughts and opinions of others do some major damage. We end up letting THEIR opinion of us have more ground and power than our OWN opinion. Why???

We change the way we think, the way we eat, the clothes we wear, the way we parent our children, the way we exercise, the way we act in public around others - and so many more ways are changed to make others feel happy and avoid upsetting or offending them - EVEN if it means we feel unnatural, uncomfortable or overwhelmed pretending to be something we're not. Why??

Instead of just trusting ourselves to find our happiness, we look to others approval of what THEY think happiness is. Unfortunately we also think, "if I was just _____ (fill in the blank), I'd be happy. NO!! No you won't! Happiness is not a bi-product of something you must obtain first and then happiness follows. We are treating happiness like an elusive unicorn, always chasing and searching for it when it's right in front of us and we hold the power to unlocking it.

The second I saw this, I began to truly understand the turmoil that goes on in the mind of most women. I get it, I used to be a people pleaser myself, but not anymore. It's not that I don't give a fuck anymore. I used to say that too though. I went from one extreme to the other. Then I learned there was a balance. I still care what people think, but I don't ALLOW their opinion to have more weight than my own.

If you are struggling with what the media, your friends, your family, etc. think of you, you are not alone - please just know there IS a way to stand in your power and uniquely YOU - and love yourself while doing it. I help teach women these steps everyday and I would love to be by your side on your journey too 💕

I'd love to hear your thoughts on the video after you watch it! Post your comments below and please share with a "Lady" in your life.

Video credits:

Girls. Girls. Girls. Magazine

"Be a Lady They Said"

Words: Camille Rainville Narrator: Cynthia Nixon Director: Paul McLean Music: Louis Souyave @ Post: Mini Content Producer: Claire Rothstein