Challenge Accepted - Black and White photo

SHE is what started the #challengeaccepted black and white photo all over social media.

This is Pinar Gultekin #pinargultekin The black and white photo challenge was created by women in Turkey as a way for women to show their solidarity with women in Turkey to take action and making a statement/movement, where violence against women is one of the highest in the world. Not only that, but the men who are doing this are not being punished or held accountable for their actions.

In particular, to show solidarity with a woman named Pinar Gultekin, a 27-year-old Turkish university student who was horrifically murdered on July 16th. At first, Cemal Metin Avci denied any knowledge of the woman's whereabouts UNTIL police showed him the CCTV footage (of him WITH HER). After this, he not only admitted to seeing her that day, but confessed to her murder. He then took police to an oil drum hidden in a forest in the Menteşe area. Inside it the oil drum was Pinar's burned body.

This wasn't Pinar being in a bad place at the wrong time, Cemal was no stranger to Pinar. He was her ex-boyfriend. Now he is married and a father, however Cemal had allegedly decided he wanted to resume his relationship with Pinar. That day, it is alleged that they met at his work place, and then visited his country home, but once Pinar rejected his advances, he strangled her to death.

So when this started, it was to take a stand. For some reason when celebrities get on something, it can be a double edged sword. They can take something, make it a trending topic and bring so much awareness to it. Unfortunately, many times they lose sight of WHY people are doing things and they end up making it about themselves, a “look at me” post. A glamour black and white photo. That’s NOT what this is about. There were so many celebrities that even posted that they got tagged and admitted they didn't even know what it was about, but they will go ahead and post anyway. Here's what I don't understand about that, for me, if I don't know what something is about, I'll at least try to look it up or find out. Seriously, are they "too busy" to take the time to look it up?? Can't they have their personal assistant do it?

Earlier in the day, I saw several black and white super posed and glamorous photos come across my social media but I didn't think much of it. Then I got tagged a few times. So before I blindly followed and threw up a photo, I searched it. It might have taken 4 seconds to find the answer. So let's be real, everyone has 4 seconds. They clearly didn't care to look it up. I'm glad I did. The movement behind these black and white images was so powerful to me, I HAD to share their original purpose.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m ALL for women empowerment and lifting women up, but please know WHY you do something. Ladies, thank you for nominating me for the challenge, however I’m not sharing my photo, I’m sharing Pinar. We NEED to bring awareness back to the intent.

You see, every single morning when women wake up in Turkey, they see many black and white photos that are in the newspapers, social media and on the TV. They are plastered with these photos of women who were murdered. So the purpose of posting a black and white was to show you could be that photo that ended up on newspapers, social media or the TV.

In 2019, 470+ women were murdered in Turkey and most of those women were killed at the hands of partners or relatives. It was the highest number in a decade. It is expected that the figures for 2020, with coronavirus lockdown, additional social and financial pressures, the numbers will be even higher.

So please if you get tagged, know WHY you are posting a black and white photo.