Daily Gratitude - Sharpen Your Attention to Details

My morning meditation was about gratitude and sharpening our attention for what we do have already and the things we tend to overlook everyday.⁣

Often we look at our body with a negative mindset. We think of the things we wished we had - a flat stomach, lean legs, hourglass figure, shapely arms, etc. ⁣

We tend to overlook the fact that we have strong legs that allow us to walk and even run if needed. We have a functional heart and lungs to allow our body to stay alive. We have a brain that does everything for us automatically, we don't have to think about pumping our heart to circulate our blood or all of the signals the brain gets in a day, it makes decisions for us. ⁣

So while you read this, I ask you to not overlook the small things that we often take for granted - transportation, electronics, pens to write with, freedom of choice that some people don't have, the sun to warm out body, the ocean to provide a serene environment, the stars that light the night sky, the birds singing.... Everyday life and small miracles. Don't forget about them, take time to acknowledge them.⁣

🌻 These flowers just started to bloom in our backyard, today I noticed them. Tomorrow I will find something new to admire 💕

👉 Today's challenge: Go for a walk, admire the beauty around you and observe how it enhances your live. Tell me about your experience below, tag a friend you are grateful for 😉