Depression & Anxiety - their relationship to addiction

The world we live in is changing. Many more people are experiencing depression and anxiety. All over the world, people are becoming sick in their mind and body, human connection and social interactions are being taken away, jobs are being lost, economies being devastated. Humans naturally want to FEEL good, we are pleasure driven beings. Therefore when we don't feel good, we look for ways or things to help us cope.

The best way I have heard depression described is anger turned inward. Underneath anger is hurt. We are taught and conditioned to not be angry, to not be sad - this suppression of our feelings is where the problems arise.

Anxiety is best described as emotional energy that is bouncing off the internal walls causing chaos. We become overwhelmed with feelings of fear and being scared. It has an impact on our social interactions and human connections.

There is no shame in taking medicine for depression and anxiety. With that said, if you want to not be dependent on such meds, you will have to remove the band-aid the medicine provides and do the work to get to the root cause of your pain. I spent many years on different medications that completely numbed my feelings. Things didn't hurt me, but I also lost what actually feeling good and happy was. I knew this was no way I wanted to live. I wanted to feel, even if that meant feeling pain.

Addiction comes in MANY forms: drugs, alcohol, gambling, sex, food, shopping, self harm, gossip/drama, exercise, etc. It has been said that those with an addictive personality will overcome one addiction and move on to another.

Through my many different therapists, I think it was around five or six but I honestly can't even remember, I was never satisfied. I don't know if that was because I felt we weren't getting anywhere or if my ideas of therapy were different. Maybe I was the one not opening up enough. Perhaps my standards of what was expected were too high. I used to be so mad and thought these therapists failed me. It took years to realize that if it weren't for these "failed" therapists, I would have never have forced myself down this path of wellness and self discovery. I wouldn't be where I am or who I am without this path. I needed to do it on my own so I am able to share my journey and help others on their journey.

Find someone to talk to and guide you on your journey. From my experience (with all aspects of life), I have the most success with someone who has BEEN THERE and overcame this. They truly UNDERSTAND what you FEEL not just what their book says you might be feeling.

I am available to help you and there are many other resources available as well. Please know you are not alone and it will get better. If you would like my help/guidance you may reach out and send an email, connect with me here.