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Explant Surgery Update - Detoxing

Updated: Sep 19, 2022

Breast implant removal (explant surgery) update

It's been almost 9 months since I had my explant surgery and I'm still noticing symptoms disappearing. Instead of doing a long video, I wanted to create a series with each video update discussing a different topic to make it easier to help you find the information you might be looking for.

This video will be about my detoxing - before, during, and after my surgery. The number one thing is to listen to your body - it will whisper first. then it will scream when you don't pay attention. Number two is that you have to be your own health advocate. If you don't feel right and labs aren't showing anything wrong, dig deeper, and ask questions. I've had saline breast implants since 2002, my right side ruptured in 2006, my left side ruptured in 2007 and about 6 years ago my symptoms started to make me very aware something wasn't right.

When I had my implants and would start to feel chronic fatigue, horrendous body odor, body aches, and pain - even though I was eating healthy and working out, I thought a detox or cleanse would help. I couldn't understand why I always felt worse during and after. I never connected it to my implants until I started to speak with other women going through the same thing. In these past 9 months post explant, I don't feel fatigued, the body odor would come in waves, but it wasn't nearly as potent and now it's completely gone. During this time I did a gentle detox to help assist my body in removing the remaining toxins (more on this in another video). So I want to let you know that after your explant your body will still have detox waves on its own.

Be patient, it does get better. Please if you have any questions, reach out.

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