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Explant update - recovering after breast implant illness

explant update - recovering from breast implant illness

I'm going to be opening up a little more in the next few weeks about my explant I had in 2019. It's been some time since I have given an explant update on my journey recovering from breast implant illness. It went well and I feel so much better - and I have zero regrets. However, I do have some things to share that will hopefully help other women who are considering getting their breast implants removed, or if you feel you may be having issues and it could be breast implant illness - even if your lab work says you're fine.

It can definitely be a scary process and if you don't fully prepare, it can make your recovery mentally much harder than it should be. I would absolutely consider myself VERY prepared mentally and that is why I was able to have the pleasant experience I did, but there were a few things I discovered that didn't sit right with me and I had to take some time to process them before I could openly share about it.

The good news is I have been having fewer detox waves now and I have been able to find a few patterns that seem to be the catalyst for the last few I have had. I'll share more about that in a separate blog post. For now, just know there is a lot of juiciness coming your way, and as always, I am an open book. If you have any questions, I will openly and honestly share my experience and thoughts with you, please just reach out.

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