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Family Reunion of a Different Kind

Updated: Feb 29

Depending on the size, age differences, hot mess express levels and crazy aunts and uncles you have may change how you feel when you hear the words - family reunion.

For me, I come from a large family. So large that some of us show up and ask who someone is because they are either family or someone crashing the party! I enjoy family reunions, however this blog post is on a different kind of family reunion.

Every year I gather with a sea of 20,000+ people who are all passionate about health. Out of those, I might know 30 people. Of those 30 people, I'll hang out with maybe 10 of them because there's so much going on during the weekend.

The people I spend my time with are my family. We have all been brought into each other's lives for a greater purpose. A purpose much bigger than just our own. The connections I have made with these women is unlike anything I have ever experienced.

This year I will see a beautiful woman that I met in Japan who sparks my soul - Allie. Seeing her light and joy brings so much happiness to my heart. She is a mother of two, veteran of the US Navy, a Navy spouse and a beautiful soul. She will be allowing me to be a part of her journey, as this is her first time to ever experience this inspirational event. She is insanely excited to see Rachel Hollis as the keynote speaker!

I will also have the pleasure of FINALLY

meeting a beautiful woman, Jasmine, that

has been on my team and a part of my family for a few years. She is also investing in her business by committing to showing up for herself to this event. Also a mom of two, being very brave and hopping on a plane for the first time by herself. This will be a trip of many amazing firsts for her I'm sure! She has never been to a Coach Summit before, but has always watched it online and wished she was there. This is her time!

I met Jeannet last year, it was her first time coming to the event and we made an instant connection, finding out we are basically two peas in a pod. This chick is seriously my soul sister! She's a mom of 3 girls and is blessed to live in paradise!

The funny thing is, if you would have asked me 6 years ago if it was possible to have such strong, supportive and close relationships with female I would have laughed in your face. The female relationships I had prior to this were very manipulative and destructive.

I just met Lilly and Amy last month at Shaun T's Transformation Weekend in Nice, France.

I'm telling you, people come into your life at a particular time for a particular reason. I showed up that weekend empty, emotionless, tired without even know the extreme extent of my fatigue level and because of these two incredible women, I left feeling more alive and loved than I have felt in a very long time. They saw and heard my story, things I've never shared with anyone and they completely accepted me for who I am. I've never felt so free and connected in my life. I will for sure get to see Lilly and I'm hoping and crossing my fingers very tight that Amy makes an appearance!

I was an only child growing up. It made me a very independent person and I purposely isolated myself because I was unable to find true friendships. I lost trust in people, becoming more isolated. Unfortunately I wasn't happy with the person I was on the inside and I didn't even want to be with myself, so I had no one to blame but myself for not being able to make friends.

As a military family, we pack up and move frequently. We've lived in 3 different countries in the last 5 years. You learn that when you find friendships that are deeper than the social hangouts, you nurtured that relationship. These are women who have your back no matter what or where you are. They might not be blood relatives, however, they become your chosen family.

This is the same vibe our team culture carries, a family. There for each other, no matter where in the world we might be at the moment. You have online friendships after you leave each other's company and know you will see each other again. Then when you get back together, it's like you were never apart.

Can you relate to this? Are you looking for more of a quantity friend or quality friend?

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