Formula Nootropics - Personalized Nootropics

Nootropics are a completely new world for me. As you know, I am always looking for new tools to enhance or improve my life, brain function and health. Nootropics have been around for thousands of years and technically I have taken them without knowly classifying them as a nootropic. For example, I have been taking Ashwaganda for over a year now. It's an adaptogen and a very popular herbal treatment in Ayurvedic medicine, and it's also a nootropic.

I'll bet you have even taken nootropics without knowing it as a nootropic. Coffee contains caffeine, which is considered a very popular nootropic because it enhances your alertness and mood.

There is a company that has taken the world of nootropics to a whole new level. Instead of just buying a generic blend and hoping it works, this company has been adding to their database for 2 1/2 years now. They have the ability to create a personalized formula made for your specific needs. You take an online quiz and then based on your answers, their system recommends and send the Formulas that have the highest likelihood of working for you based on biology and goals. There is NO other company out there doing this!!

After taking my quiz, I was sent four different formulas. Below I have the YouTube links to the video series of my reviews for each of the formulas. I will be doing a separate, deeper dive blog post into each one of these, so please check back for the updates.


--> Energy Formula didn't come with a huge rush of energy, it just sort of happened. I was able to not feel tired and fatigued during a very hard workout and was able to keep going harder than I normally could. There was also a sense of extreme hyper focus.


--> My job requires me to come up with content for social media, blog posts and content for my private online groups. This Creativity Formula had the brainstorming and ideas free flowing! To the point that I ended up having to carry a notebook around with me because something I would do would trigger an idea that I didn't want to forget.


--> Logic Formula really helped me out when I am working with my clients online. We have weekly meetings and discuss their previous week, any obstacles they faced or might be facing in the upcoming week and how to overcome any struggles. Logic made my problem solving a much easier task.


--> Clarity Formula was probably my absolute favorite of all four I used. When I made videos on Facebook, IGTV or blog posts I was able to truly speak from within to get my point across to my audience and was very clear with my message. There was no rambling or scattered thoughts. It also gave me a sense of calm when driving in our chaotic city. I didn't feel the anxiousness and irritability I usually do when driving in the city.

After you watch these videos, if you think this might be something you are interested in trying, I have a discount code for you to save 20% off on your first box. I am still a customer myself and continue to order the products. I just found while taking them, the company, the products and their values align very well with mine and I am happy to associate my name with them, so I am now an affiliate, which is why I have the discount code for you to give them a try. discount code: SUSIE will get you 20% off your first box