Health and Wellness SELF Management

What is Health and Wellness SELF Management?

I help women put an end to the "what should I eat/what diet to follow" yo-yo diet cycle so they can learn to intuitively understand and appreciate their body to live a healthy, sustainable, guilt free life. We are constantly bombarded and influenced by media on what we should wear, eat, look like, how to act, etc.  Why? 

Who actually decided all of this for us and defined what a woman should be??

Who decided we should all eat the same?

Why do we beat ourselves up or even seem surprised when we follow a cookie cutter plan and it doesn't work?

Have you ever even questioned why you are looking to make changes?

Did you ever realize that when you go on a restrictive plan, you have to use willpower to stick to it?

Have you ever thought a food was "good" or "bad"?

Have you ever gotten hung up on labels? Worried you couldn't eat something because it doesn't "fit in your plan"?

Have you ever felt informed enough to make a choice on what you eat that is based on your own body? It's time we stop listening to the outside chatter and tune into what is actually going on inside our body.  Healthy looks different on every woman, it's deeper than just the outer skin.  In this video below, I describe more about what I do in my business to help women.

In my program, Soul Powered Life that's exactly what we do.  We start by evaluating how we feel in the 12 main areas of our life, then start to focus on one at a time.  When there is a positive movement in one area, others tend to follow.  Soon we see improvements in your quality of life, your sleep, your moods and your overall health evolves.  You learn how to love yourself, truly love every single thing, including what you might see as a flaw.  Girl, you can't pour from an empty cup.  It's time to fill your cup!

My goal is to get you to align with your body, listen to it and make informed choices - to learn to self manage your life - to stop worrying and listening to others when it comes to YOUR body. YOU are the only one who knows your body best.

If this post or my video aligns with you, please message me. I'd love to learn more about you, your goals, your dreams and where you want to see yourself in the next year or two.