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Hello Kitty Cafe in Seoul, South Korea

When I saw this place pop up as one of the unique cafes in South Korea, I knew it would be at the top of Addison's list! She liked Hello Kitty before we moved to Japan and her love for HK has only grown in the last year and a half.

Our journey to see the huge HK cafe came to an abrupt halt when Zach got car sick in the cab... I even made an attempt to do the whole puke and rally. He threw up all over me and himself, so after we got the car cleaned up and stripped him down to his diaper I was going to go into a store and just buy new clothes so we could continue on our journey - but the store was closed. You know how life gives you signs and you just need to be receptive to seeing them? Well, that was my first sign. I was so blinded by trying to to please Addison that I didn't see this as a sign.

We ventured out again the next day again, hoping to make it this time. Fortunately Zach was asleep in the carrier so getting car sick didn't look like it was going to happen again. The cab drops us off and we see the Hello Kitty Cafe sign above us.

Yay!! We made it! As we looked around, we didn't see it. It appeared it was on the street beside us, which was kind of above us and we could kind of see a pink house up there too. So we walked all the way around, found the pink house, but still no Hello Kitty Cafe. So I decided to call. The phone number listed on the Google Maps listing wasn't working. We found a different phone number on their website that did get me in touch with a person. Unfortunately it was a very painful conversation of broken English and my lack of Korean, but I finally understood that the location we were currently at was closed. Not like closed for the day, but making repairs on the building closed. Probably something that should be included on their website....

Fortunately they have another location that was even closer to our hotel, so I was able to take Addison there. As you can see, she still enjoyed her time there 😁

It was just like most cafes in Asia, you must make a minimum purchase in order to hang out there. Don't think we're going to have any trouble finding something to buy...

While we waited for our food and drinks, Addison happily posed for more pictures 😉

She was a little sad she didn't get to sit in the couch area, but she was still happy to have a seat and delighted she would have a chocolate cake coming....

Happy to say the place was very clean and the staff was pleasant. Most of them were young and spoke a fair amount of English.

The cake was pretty much what I expected it to be. A ton of icing and a little dry. Don't get me wrong, it was still tasty, but I didn't have super high expectations of a gourmet cake 😉

So my suggestion if you are in Seoul and want to go to the HK Cafe - check their website and CALL before making the trip! Here is their website - http://www.hellokittycafe.co.kr/

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