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Herbal Face Food, a plant-based skincare line - "It's too expensive"

I started using this skincare line because of how clean it was. Herbal Face Food is the first plant-based skincare that I have found that is actually all-natural, and you could actually eat it if you wanted to. After struggling with being sick for so many years because of my toxic breast implants, once I had them removed in 2019, I decided I would do as much as possible to reduce the toxic load in and on my body. This began with my deodorant, lotions, soaps, and toothpaste - the small things I was using every single day.

I have embraced being 43 and knowing wrinkles are going to happen. I stopped looking at them as flaws and more as the joys of my life causing laugh lines on my face. However, the years I spent in my late teens to late 20s in tanning beds and not caring about taking care of my skin are starting to show up even more now.

I started to get more particular with my daily skincare routine, paying more attention to see if it was a pretty product full of promises AND chemicals. Unfortunately, most were. My previous skincare routine wasn't cheap, but it also wasn't getting rid of the dark age spots and severely dry patches on my face. I was introduced to Herbal Face Foods by a friend and in a few short days of using it, I already began to see and feel a difference.

I had friends telling me something looked different about my face and they asked what was I doing, so I started to tell them. Some immediately saw the value in the product, I shared some before and after photos from some other HFF customers and they bought some of the products.

However, there were a few other friends that said they weren't sure because it was a little pricey from what they were currently using. Now, I can't speak for all high-end skincare, but I did do my research on HFF before I bought it. While HFF products may have a higher upfront cost, they often provide better results and last longer due to their concentrated and high-quality ingredients. For me, I was already spending the money and not getting the results I wanted. I felt more at ease trying out HFF because it did come with a money-back guarantee.

Additionally, as a recovering Botox and Dysport addict, I am aware investing in your skin's health can save you money in the long run by preventing costly treatments or procedures. I haven't used Botox or Dysport in over 13 years now. For me, that's the other tough thing about looking at others before and after photos. You don't know if they had any other treatments, I can assure you I will continue to update my blog with how HFF is working for me - and there will be no additional treatments. I am not about that toxic life anymore.

If you check out the product line for Herbal Face Food and decide you want to order it, use code SusieB20 to get 20% off your order. Know that I would never be an affiliate for a product I didn't use myself and absolutely love. I undoubtedly stand behind this product and company.

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