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Introducing Soul Powered Breath

Have you ever felt like something was missing, but you couldn't put your finger on it?

When we moved to Bahrain, I took a year off of working privately with clients. They were having powerful transformations both mentally and physically, getting off meds, and creating a ripple effect in the lives of their family. I loved being on these incredible journeys with them, but something felt off.

During this past year I took time to reflect on my signature program. It covered a lot of material, but it was only 1:1 and I was often repeating myself to multiple clients. I had thought about doing a group program, but never took the time to create a course.

I looked at the elements of my program that created the most significant impact in the success rate of my clients and decided to strip down my program for my future offering.

The name of the program came to me as I was redesigning it. I was going back to the basics, the things I know need to be addressed before you can actually achieve long term results. The Foundations was created. I sat with this for several months and it felt right.

The Foundations digs deeper and addresses the root causes that have been holding my clients back. Identifying why certain things feel hard, patterns and cycles that continually occur. As I wrote the program, I loved the content. Short and impactful videos in the course work, making it easier for my clients to learn about a topic and apply it. It also gave them options, not a program of me telling them what to do, they got to choose what felt most aligned and doable in their current moment.

I finally found a private app (not on social media) that allows for flexibility in tracking. I have some clients who want to track calories and others who hate tracking. This app easily accommodates both and anyone in between. It also has all of the admin stuff like client onboarding paperwork in the app, I am able to send documents to my clients, there is a private chat function so they can reach out to me (without having to go onto a social media app). The options for the health metrics my clients can track is exactly what I have been looking for. *side note - if you are a coach or health practioner, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND you check out Practice Better 😉

While I was creating this program, I was trying out an app for my personal use. At the time, I had no thought of using it for my clients. After the first two weeks using it, I was impressed. I gave it another 10 weeks to see how I liked it and the improvements in my over all stress levels was astounding! I continued to use it (still use it today) and eventually they offered a certification program for trainers and I jumped at the chance. It gave me a deeper understanding of the app and additional ways to support clients as they begin to regulate their nervous system. It's been a honor to watch this company grow and make a bigger impact. If you are a fitness trainer or in the health industry and want to offer an additional way to support your clients that will make a big difference in their results, check out Neurofit and if you use code: SUSIE you will get 25% off of your certification.

As I was getting closer to launching my new program, I kept getting the feeling to wait. Now I know why.

I have been practicing breathwork for about 7 years now. Different breathing patterns give different results, which is incredible when you think about it. We can use our breath to completely change our state of being! I participated in a breathwork masterclass that allowed me to tap into my subconscious mind and heal like I never had before. I have done personal development and shadow work for over 10 years now, so you can imagine how shocked I was that I did breathwork that released even more inside me I didn't even know was there. We carry emotions so deep in our body. I immediately knew I had to share this with my clients. I HAD to incorporate it into my program. This is the missing link to making a well balanced program that I have been yearning to create. Something that will add an element that allows for complete, deep transformations. Removing the emotional blocks that have held my clients back. It eliminated the need to fully talk about a tramatic experience or memory and provides integration and rewiring of the brain to no longer view the experience the same way. My program is now complete, The Foundations is an offering like nothing else on the market. I am so connected to my deeper purpose, my soul is glowing and full of joy and excitement!

As a 9D Breathwork Facilitator, I continued to go on more of the guided journeys that I am able to offer. At first, I was just going to offer the 9D Breathwork experience as a separate offer (which I still plan on doing), then, the more I connected to it, as I said above, I decided it must be included in The Foundations. A few days ago, I was sitting with my thoughts and it came to me. I had evolved. My business had evolved. I connected so deeply to this breathwork, knowing the profound impact its going to have that it has integrated into my business. It has now become a part of me.

Soul Powered Breath. The entire core of my business connects to the essence of guiding my clients though emotional release, well-being, and transformation through breathwork. It is the desire of my heart and soul. This is the medicine we all need. The people of our world are hurting. Anxiety, depression and stress has increased dramatically in 3 years. This going to change the world.

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