Why do we call it BEFORE and AFTER?

It's not like you are done when you take that after photo. Many times you're just getting started, or you are closing one chapter and beginning another - heeellllooo motherhood!!

This is just my journey from the last 12 years. I've gone from before baby, to first pregnancy, after pregnancy to competing in fitness competitions at a National level, to pregnant again, to post baby #2, then a second back surgery to where I currently am - but I'm not done. That last photo isn't the end for me at all!

What these photos DON'T SHOW is the even bigger transformation that happened INSIDE. Through these photos I went from being dependent on alcohol to "make me happy and fun", to being a first time mom, to being a first time fitness competitor struggling with restrictive eating, to becoming sober, to really working on my mindset to understand why I felt the need to cope with alcohol, to FINALLY pulling myself out of the dark depths of depression, to having a second child and really losing myself in the process, never feeling like I was good enough with a sprinkle of postpartum depression, to finding alignment in my mind, body and soul and truly living my purpose and feeling ALIVE!!

I think sometimes we look at the afters and think that when someone gets there, all is good, they will finally be "happy" - but that's not necessarily true. Far too many times, women set off to go on a journey and they are MISERABLE the whole time from restricting their nutrition, killing themselves during their workouts and working out WAY TOO MUCH! What's the point if you are going to be unhappy and then right after that after photo - you go right back to the before 🤷🏼‍♀️

I teach women to learn how to listen to their body and it's needs, to not ever have to diet again and how to enjoy the process! They learn how to notice their inner dialogue , emotions and feelings around food. We don't attempt to use willpower to eliminate foods - we all know how this usually ends. You might do well for a day, a week, maybe even a month. But then an event happens in your life and you immediately go back to old habits - because you weren't in tune with your body's needs and emotions associated with foods - you were cutting out foods based on willpower and then an obstacle came and knocked you down and you allowed allowed excuse and your internal dialogue started to convince you it is ok, you deserve it, it's not a big deal, it's only one....

Improving your life should be just that - IMPROVING your QUALITY of life by being happier, sleeping better, enjoying food, not feeling guilty or punishing your body, having loving relationships - not just with other people but with YOURSELF!!!

Are you READY to start your journey?? I have 2 separate program options for you, which one aligns best with you and your goals?

☝️ Online, private group with HIGH accountability and daily check ins, access to an extensive home workout library (over 40 programs of all different varieties and 1000+ different workouts), custom nutrition plan that we design together, recipes and one on one support from me.⁣ Honestly, this is an intro into my private coaching program. It's a private group setting, we will only introduce topics that are covered on a deeper level and will hold you accountable to your results.

✌️ Private one on one coaching that takes a DEEP dive into 12 specific areas of your life to finally end the cycles, we get to the root causes and give your body the chance to intuitively heal itself. ⁣Truly a transformational program with long term results for women who are ready to be honest with themselves and know it's time to get aligned.

👉 These programs are separate, however I do have some clients who combine them to get maximize results and to have a strong, supportive community of women by their side on this journey. ⁣

Just message me when you're ready 😊