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Ketonix Review

Have you ever seen a product that you were so excited about and couldn't wait to have it? Well, this was my product. I love tracking everything I can about my body. I think the human body is incredibly fascinating and learning how my own body works is the coolest thing in my book.

I had heard about the Ketonix on a podcast I was listening to and immediately fell in love with what it could do and the idea of having more scientific data on how my body functions. When I went to their website I was super bummed that there was a 30 day back order, but that wasn't going to stop me from placing my order! When I calculated the approximate 30 (business) day wait, it showed I was going to be in Texas at my parent's house. So I used that as my shipping address.

No joke, I felt like I was stalking the tracking website everyday to see if there was any movement. Nope. Finally it was getting close to the 30 days, so I sent an email seeing what the status was. Still not ready to be shipped. Then the day came, I was leaving Texas and there was no sign of it shipping. So I sent another message asking if it would be ok to change my shipping address and they said yes! Now the question was where? Do I ship it to our FPO address in Japan or take a risk of changing the address to Rob's parent's house in New Jersey since we were getting really close to the 30 day mark? We (the company representative I had been emailing and myself) decided to just wait to see if it would be ready to ship while we were still in New Jersey, then I could update the shipping address there and if not, I would do our FPO address.

Then the email came! It was ready to ship and we were still in New Jersey! Do you know how exciting this was?!? The wait was over!! I was told it was going to ship the next morning and was given the tracking number. It was to be delivered the next day. Not sure where the hang up was, but the FedEx tracking showed no movement. Then the following day nothing until 6 pm. If it didn't get delivered the next day, we would no longer be in the states! Ahhh!! So stressful! Fortunately it showed up!

It came with a very nice carrying case to keep all of the pieces organized. When opened, all the pieces had their own place.

It had to charge for 12 hours and there was software to download to my computer (available from their website). Once it was all ready, it was time to get testing!

My first few tests showed I was in the correct range and in Ketosis, which I was expecting to be in the low range. While most of my meals were high fat lower carbs, but there were definitely some days I had some treats. Once we got back home, I was able to get back to more "normal" meals for me. I typically fast 22-24 hours a day, one night I was still getting adjusted from the jet lag and 13 hour time difference and I fell asleep on the couch. I ended up sleeping right through dinner and woke up around 3 am. I wasn't about to eat then, so I just used it as an extended day and pushed as long as I could. I ended up with a 40 hour fast and the next day my ketone readings from the Ketonix tripled! They stayed consistent with the higher reading the following day too.

Then came the ninth time using the device..... It lit up blue flashing lights and the computer told me it was warming up. I did a couple things around the kitchen and went back because I saw the blue light was off. This was my first sign something was off. The blue light should have been a steady glowing blue light. The computer didn't say it warming up anymore, so I went to blow into to see if anything would happen and nothing. I unplugged the Ketonix, turned off my computer and restarted everything. No blue light. No light at all. I plugged the Ketonix into the battery pack, still no light. Tried it again for two more days and still no sign of it coming on.

I emailed Ketonix and told them the issue. I will say their customer service department I have always been happy with. Unfortunately I will have to return the Ketonix I have, wait for their review of it and then they would send a new one - which is on backorder for at least 30 days. Nope. I'm not doing that again. So this will be the end of my journey with Ketonix.

I did like it when it did work, but only working 8 times is completely unacceptable. I'm sure I just got a dud and a wire inside was not connected properly, but again on a $200 device I expect much better quality checking of properly functioning equipment.


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