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Kombucha Brewing

My love for kombucha goes back several years. Lemon Ginger had always been my favorite flavor and I jumped at the chance to try a new company's version anytime I came across it!

Outside of the US and GTS Kombucha, I will have to say, so far New Zealand has had the best kombucha. They had several really good quality companies, available everywhere we went, including at some restaurants.

After moving to Italy in December of 2018, it's been very hard to find. So, when you can't find something you really want, you find a way to get it. For me, that meant trying to make my own. I have read it and watched a few videos, however this is not something I have ever done.

Mid April, I made a decision I was going to try my hand at brewing my own booch. I had mentioned it to a friend, who connected me with her friend who lended me The Book of Kombucha, by Hannah Crum. This is the ONLY book you need to get started to understand brewing. So I made a post on a Facebook page to see if anyone local had a SCOBY for me to start my brewing. Fortunately someone had one, so my kombucha brewing journey began!

Have you ever brewed your own kombucha? What's your favorite flavor? Stay tuned!

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