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MBF Info Group

Updated: Jul 25

If you've been scrolling through social media in the last few weeks, you might have seen the hashtag #MBF or #MBFA which possibly lead you to a Google search and now you're here 😉

It's the newest program from Beachbody, Muscle Burns Fat is a 3 week program that combines strength training with some cardio. Then you follow that with Muscle Burns Fat Advanced, where the intensity is turned up to really increase your strength and results!

I have created a free Info Group if you want to learn more about the program, what to expect, I'll be busting some common myths, sharing some sample workouts from both programs and breaking down the packages so you can choose which option best suits your goals. I'll also be talking nutrition and the options available for you to really take control of your results.

To join, just click on the link and I'll see you in the group!


If you already know you want to get started, click here to complete your order form: https://form.jotform.com/202012514285039

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