Messy Mom Moments

Where did this illusion of being the perfect mom come from? Why do we think we can only share the happy moments and perfectly posed pictures?

In my 10 years as a mother, I have definitely felt like I was failing. Then one of our kids will do or say something that makes me realize I'm doing a pretty good job at being a mom.

I've forgotten important things and felt terrible. It also gave me the opportunity to share with the kids, I'm human and make mistakes too and I'm doing my best - which is all I ask of them.

We've gotten to a point where we think our messy mom moments are something that we should be ashamed of, hide or just work through without asking for help. Add that to the insane pressure we feel to be perfect as a mom, comparing ourselves to all the other moms who share their "perfect" life on social media. Let's disrupt this pattern and start sharing about the struggles of motherhood. Then we would see we are not alone - which is what almost every mom I talk to thinks - she's alone.

I've had to climb up on the counter just to get to eat my food while our son cries - don't worry, all of his needs were met. He just wanted to grab my food and throw it and I wasn't having it. I'd rather eat on the counter and be done in a few minutes while he cried rather than spend forever cleaning thrown food.

I have been a jungle gym for the kids, adding to the challenge of accomplishing things. Sometimes, just keeping the kids happy and fed is enough.

Zach wouldn't ever lay still to get a diaper on, so I had to adapt 😉

During the first 3 years of our kid's lives, I don't know why I bother wearing my hair down. Those little hands are so fast to grab and it's basically impossible to pry the death grip open.

He cried because he wanted my sunglasses, then cried because he broke them. Sometimes we gotta hold our ground and not give in. RIP to everything that had to be sacrificed in attempt to make him quit crying, which was short lived since he's cry after he broke it. Took me a while to learn this lesson 🤣

His tantrums include laying on the floor. In public. As embarrassing as it may be to have a kid melt down in public, I'd rather he ride the wave of emotions than if I told him to stop crying or suppress his feelings.

He figured out how to break the child lock on the fridge. We tried 3 different ones. They were no match for his persistence. At least after he got in the fridge, he was kind enough to share with his friend.

If you're noticing a trend, that's because Addison didn't do the things Zach did. Which also made me question my parenting. She made me feel like I had the parenting thing down, I was doing a good job. Then along came Zach to disrupt that and keep me on my toes! Many times, I was completely exhausted at the end of the day, feeling pressure to show up with a smile and put my feelings and needs to the side. The more we mothers share our struggles, the less alone and isolated we will feel.

Have you found yourself filtering your life on social media, only showing the amazing times?