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Phase 1 of the Ultimate Reset

Updated: Mar 21

I am officially done with the first phase of the Ultimate Reset. During this phase, animal protein is eliminated and stays out of the menu after the first week. The reason behind this is that some animal proteins are taxing on the digestive tract. The purpose of the Ultimate Reset program is to help remove toxins from the body, clean up the digestive tract and then restore the gut flora.

Of course, there are some who will argue a cleanse is never necessary because that is what our liver and kidneys are for. Personally, I believe that the liver and kidneys can both get overwhelmed by what we put in our body (knowingly and unknowingly) as well as environmental toxins. I have a regime I follow to help assist my liver and kidneys, which are also included in the supplements used in the Ultimate Reset.

So, how did this week go? Well, it started of with the usual - taking my "before" progress photos, video and measurements. For my groups I just ask for the basics, for myself however, I like to collect as many data points as I can to compare to at the end.

One of the biggest concerns when people hear "detox" or "cleanse" is they think they will be not eating. That is where this program is completely different. Here are collages of all the food I ate each day during Phase 1. Not starving at all!

As you can see, it was a lot of food. There wasn't any days that I felt hungry. Please keep in my I have been doing intermittent fasting for almost a decade now. While doing this program my eating window was open a lot more than it normally would be due to the spacing out between meals and supplements. I did increase the vegetables on some meals compared to what the recipe calls for. There is also an approved substitution list for foods you can substitute for. For me that was olives, tomatoes and raw bell peppers.

I didn't have any of the withdrawal symptoms from caffeine that some people have because I don't drink it daily. Also no aches pains or soreness from detoxing.

For me, weeks two and three will be the hardest. With animal protein gone, I never feel my best. I was vegetarian, then vegan for a year and just never felt my best. After adding animal proteins back into my nutrition, I felt better instantly. I am an O Blood type, so this makes sense to me as to why I feel better when I eat animal protein. More on that in a different blog post!

Come back next week for the Phase 2 updates!

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