• Susie Bower

Placenta Tour and Encapsulation

Before we even start, I'm going to give you a bit of a background on me. I have been in the health, fitness and wellness industry for over 16 years. I have always been a little crunchy and hippie-ish, but as I have gotten rid of the fear of what others think of me, I have been able to really get to know me better. I would say I was much healthier during my second pregnancy since I got pregnant after only three months of trying and I was training for my next fitness competition. Not that my first pregnancy was unhealthy, it was absolutely perfect and without any complications. I was just so much more in tune with my body the second time around and I guess I somewhat knew what to expect.

I wish I would have known placenta encapsulation was even an option when I had our first child over 6 years ago. Fortunately I found an amazing woman, Nova Conte of Womb Service in San Diego who is such an amazing soul. She took the time to explain the benefits, what my options were since I was scheduled for a c-section and how the process would work. I also have to thank the doctors at Sharp Mary Birch for being cooperative with my wishes to give her my placenta.

The placenta is an incredible organ that grows for purpose to nourish, thermoregulate, fight against infection, remove waste for your baby in the womb and regulate the mother's hormones. Our bodies have always fascinated me and as I was learning more about pregnancy during our first one, I became even more interested in how everything worked like a well oiled machine. I had no idea she would make a video and take me on a tour of my placenta! I am a science geek and this was AWESOME for me to get to see. I mean, how often does a mother get to see her placenta right?!

So if you would like to join me and see something extraordinarily awesome, click the link below and watch the video she kindly made to help me get to know my placenta and it's health. I would love to hear your thoughts!


If you are pregnant and considering placenta encapsulation, I HIGHLY recommend Nova and her services. You can learn more and contact her on her website: Womb Service

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