• Susie Bower

Racism Doesn't Exist to a Child

Racism doesn't exist to a child. ⁣

READ that again. ⁣

The last few days, I have felt smothered in a blanket of sadness, rage, disgust, anger, disappointment, feeling helpless and hopeless, my heart breaking for the way humanity is crumbling, the awareness of how people are being treat and have been treated, the attention to the evil monsters of the world.... It wasn't until this morning that I was finally able to wake up with clarity. A way to finally put my thoughts and feelings into coherent sentences to share with the world.

When I feel lost and confused about something, I usually retract from social media and turn inward. That's exactly what happened here. Trying to make sense of things will never happen. I will never understand why someone would do such a cruel thing to another human. I will never feel the fear that a person of color feels. There are so many things I (we) will never understand.

In the last few days, I've heard several people suggest educating our children. We don't need to educate our children, we need to LEARN from them. From the beginning of their existence, the have love, compassion and acceptance. Hatred and racism is a learned behavior. ⁣ It comes from so many different sources.

It's time to drop the all or nothing mentality and rise up to stand together. Your voice can be heard in not only your words, but by your actions of how you spend your time and money. Even if you feel you don't have the words, you have the voice and power in your ACTIONS. ⁣

• Make people feel accepted, just like you want to feel accepted. ⁣

• Stop contributing to the thoughts/ideas of stereotypes and make a point to get to know people. Ask questions, be curious, share your life, thoughts and ideas with others. ⁣

• Get off the media outlets that are promoting fear and poisoning your mind and stop increasing their ratings by watching them.⁣

• Research what your dollar is ACTUALLY buying. What do the companies you buy from stand for?⁣

• Do something nice for a stranger. Even a simple smile, holding or opening a door, saying hello, giving a compliment - all free things you can do that will leave a positive impact on someone else's life. ⁣

• See something positive happening, record it and share it. We need to see more positivity, it's just as contagious as the negativity. ⁣

• See something not right, say or do something just like you would want someone to do if that was you in the bad spot. ⁣

The world we live in right now is going through some BIG changes. We now have a chance to write history in a positive way. ⁣

Please share this and spread more love, compassion and acceptance.


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