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Recognizing High Functioning Depression

After the overwhelming feedback from a previously released mini-course that was exclusively launched for a summit I was a guest speaker at, I have decided to offer it complimentary to you!

Many of the women had tremendous growth during this mini-course and didn't even realize this was happening to them.

My mission is to bring attention to something that has gone unspoken in women's health and is slowly killing us. We are under so much pressure trying to live up to impossible expectations of what we are supposed to be as a woman, wives, and mothers.

It's time to stop saying "I'm fine" when you know you aren't, take off the mask you are hiding behind, and get real about your reality. After working with women for over 20 years now, it is very clear AWARENESS BRINGS CHANGE. The longer we keep pretending we are fine, the more damage we are doing to not only ourselves but those around us we care about.

Recognizing High Functioning Depression and What You Can Do About It

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