Sleep like a baby? Nah - sleep like my husband!

When I first saw this funny quote, I instantly related! It took me back to when our daughter was a baby. I'll admit, we got lucky. Twice. Both of our kids were really good sleepers since day one Earth side. That didn't change the fact that as a new mom, I was exhausted. A lot.

I tried to do it all myself. I was set in my ways as an only child and used to doing it myself. Sleep when the baby sleeps - you've heard that right? To me, it's bullshit. When is the laundry going to get done and the dishes? When baby sleeps, I finally get to eat hot food, possibly get to take a shower (sometimes this luxury didn't happen for days), maybe I can get to folding the piles of laundry, or getting some meals made so they are ready and just need to be heated up. And the list goes on and on. When baby sleeps, it's go time to get EVERYTHING done.

Sometimes the kids would wake up in the middle of the night and someone would have to get up. That someone was usually me. Our kids weren't fond of the bottle, so their food was attached to my body. I think this made my husband think, cool, I can sleep - cause that's what he did!

I remember looking over when I hear a cry and there he was, deep in a peaceful slumber....

Happy October! To celebrate my favorite time of the year, Grace Skelly and Davy Bones will be sharing their favorite tips with you for the month of October 🎃

Here you can see Grace Skelly is struggling to get to sleep, while Davy Jones is fast asleep.

Grace doesn't really have a good bedtime ritual and her night time habits are really impacting her health.

She's got her tablet out scrolling through social media when it's already past her bedtime - but she's doing it because she "can't sleep".

Let's talk about that! Did you know that electronics emit blue light? This blue light interferes with your body's ability to prepare for sleep because it suppresses the production and release of a hormone called melatonin. Melatonin is what makes you feel sleepy. Studies show, for every hour you are exposed to blue light, it suppresses melatonin production for 30 minutes. So you might know the feeling - you turn off your TV or electronic device and lay down for bed, but you just lay there. You might get lucky and fall asleep, but the release of melatonin has been suppressed so your sleep cycle is delayed. Not only does exposure to blue light at night mess with your sleep - it can even have an impact on your alertness during the day!

Check out the picture below for more ways blue light impacts the health of your body. Grace Skelly and Davy Bones have some more tips coming about sleep 😉

So what can you do to fix this? Glad you asked!

  • Become aware of the electronics and lights around you in the evening once the sun goes down. Many electronics have a night mode or even a blue light filter, have it automatically turn on around sunset.

  • Make it a goal to have the electronics off and hour or two before you go to bed. This will allow your melatonin and cortisol levels to normalize. I know this might be a little tough, but you can do it! Use this time to read a book, chat with a your partner or chat (using headphones, phone light turned off) with a friend.

  • If blue light exposure is going to be tough to get rid of or limit in the evening, get a pair of blue light blocking glasses. Once the sun begins to set, throw on your glasses until bedtime.

  • Don't have temptation in the bedroom - get the TV out!

Hope this helps! Come back tomorrow for another tip from Grace Skelly and Davy Bones 💀💜