• Susie Bower

Stuck in Home Quarantine??

We have been in quarantine for WEEKS now here in Italy. The worst thing you can do is sit around and be sedentary.

How would you like free workouts, meal plans and a checklist to help boost your immune system to keep you HEALTHY! Do I have your attention??

It's night time here in Italy, so I'm about to head to bed, but I wanted to hop on here really quick to share this with you!! Our incredible team got together to brainstorm how we can help others during this crazy, chaotic time right now.

We asked - what is something we can share to help reduce stress?  Movement!  So we got a bunch of our favorite workouts together and put them on a calendar. These are preview workouts from our most popular programs. Most of the workouts are 30 minutes or less.

Then someone else asked - what else can we do?  The next idea was what if we shared our meal plans from our groups! We have monthly online health and wellness accountability groups and there are meal plans created for our group to follow. Some of our members have built up quite a HUGE library of go to recipes from participating each month! Now you can have a weekly sample for free! Anything to make cooking easier right now can totally help out!

You know I'm all about building a strong foundation, so I suggested we give some tips to help support and boost their immune system!  

So right now I want to share with you 2 weeks of free workouts, free meal plan that includes recipes and a shopping list and a free checklist to boost your immune system!  Completely free. Sound good?

Now here's the cool part.... We wanted to take it a level deeper. We have been on mandatory home quarantine for over a while now here in Italy and it can be hard to not talk to others and you might be going crazy like I was if it's just you and your kids! So, you have 2 options - you can take this as is and just get the workouts, meal plan and checklist OR you can take this AND join us for DAILY virtual workouts.  They will be at 2 PM Eastern US time, which is 7 pm for us in Italy (don't worry, if you're in a different time zone we can figure it out 😉). If 7 pm is too late for my ladies in Italy, perhaps we can also do a morning virtual workout together too!

So, what do ya say?!  Wanna keep practicing our social distance, empower and motivate each other and stay healthy together?   We start Monday, March 16th! Go here to get your freebies 👉 CLICK HERE!!

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