Super Bowl 2020 Halftime Show Reaction

Living in Italy, I had no idea people (mostly women) are flipping out over the halftime show from the Super Bowl this past Sunday. I saw a few friends posting about it, but didn't really think much of it. Until my news feed became plagued with it. Then I asked why was it so upsetting. To which I addressed in my little YouTube video here

If living overseas for almost 4 years now has taught me anything, it's this..... In America, we are so very close minded on so many things.

Living overseas in Asia and Europe has exposed me to other cultures and how they view women. It's NOTHING like the states.

Women still roam the beaches topless and the men don't give a crap. They are not trying to touch them, take pictures of them or stare at them. It's just the norm here.

Many spas out here are co-ed. Co-ed and nude. No one goes crazy, it's just how life is. No one is staring at anyone's junk even though it's all out in the open.

People aren't embarrassed by their bodies, they are happy with where they are in life. People don't name call or throw shade at others a they are much less judgemental outside of the US.

People are passionate and expressive and that's ok. They aren't looked down on or asked to leave.

What happened to the society that started here in Europe that immigrated to the US? What's happening to the people in the US? I have a few more blog posts that are going to be stemming from this. Stay tuned.

If that Super Bowl halftime show truly upset you, I really would like your feedback. Obviously please watch my YouTube video first, but please let me in to your mind by commenting below.