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Thinking about getting breast implants?

To be able to make an informed choice means listening to ALL sides of the story, including the stories you don't want to hear about - because it can happen to you and that's scary to think about.

This might not be something you want to hear, but it's important. Think about the reason WHY you want breast implants. Dig deeper than the surface level answers of "filling out my tops, feeling more confident, feeling sexy, etc.". Most of the time we aren't getting the breast implants because we are already happy with our body. It's an appeal to an insecurity we have based on a beauty standard we are told to follow.

In my case, two different plastic surgeons NEVER once mentioned how unsafe these were or that there was really any risk besides scar tissue, infection or capsular contractions. These surgeons make money when they put implants in your body. They are biased and you need to understand that.

There are several plastic surgeons around the world that are educated in the health issues and do not include implants in their practice. In fact they have now moved into safely removing the breast implants, which is called an explant.

Breast implant illness is REAL no matter if your plastic surgeon believes in it or not. Hundreds of thousands of women are not wrong, we're not crazy. We are not healthy, we feel like crap, and it's not in our heads.

There is an entire minsdet shift that must be realized before going through explant surgery. I'll share more on this in a separate post.

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