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Time for a wake up call

Time for a wake up call.

If you are hiding behind a smile, please tell someone. I know, you are thinking you don't want your problems to be a burden to someone else. It's not, but if you feel like you have no one to talk to then record a voice memo on your phone or write it down. You cannot keep it inside.

In a world where we feel we need to put on a mask for the world and stay strong, only to crumble behind closed doors - this isn't healthy. It's like pouring battery acid on your body. You won't die immediately, but you are slowly killing yourself over time.

I'm not telling you this as someone who has read a book or two and now claims to be an expert in the field. I come to you as someone with experience living this way and learning how to overcome it. I have been there for far too long in my adult life. It's hard to take the mask off, but it's necessary.

We get caught up trying to make those around us happy because we deeply know what it's like to live in pain and will go out of our way to make sure others don't feel that way. But what is that doing to us? Those actions affirm to ourselves that we are not worthy of feeling happy. We are no longer the priority in our life. If we continue to give to others and never take care of ourselves, we will eventually have nothing left to give. Does that sound like how you want to live? Not being able to enjoy your time with your family because you decided to give everything you had to everyone else?

Yes, there are people in your life that matter, but you're ignoring the needs of the one in the mirror. She matters most.

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