• Susie Bower

Unboxing September Yogi Surprise Jewelry Box

For The Love Of Yoga - the theme for this month's box

September marks a time to slow down and begin preparing for a restful autumn season after an active summer. As we welcome the arrival of National Yoga Month, we can take this time to acknowledge and honor the growth we've experienced over the past summer through our practice. Yoga put us on a path towards becoming the very best versions of ourselves, which is why this month's jewelry pieces have been designed with truth and transformation in mind. Gorgeous African turquoise beads will harmonize your past self with the future self you want to be so you can embody your true purpose in the present. Andradite garnet beads will also help keep you grounded to your Earth element as you accept and flow with the change. The more you embrace and celebrate your journey through your practice, the more you'll inspire others along the way to embark on their own journeys too.

This month's box could not be more spot on and have come at a perfect time. The impact yoga made on my life when I first discovered it about 8 years ago is something I wish for everyone. Being able to connect to my breath, get out of my comfort zone and challenge myself everyday, improve my mental health everyday, release the anger and hatred that was building up inside me, finally silence the voices in my head, learn to respect where I was on my journey and truly learn the value of loving myself has only been possible because of my practice.

What's in September's Jewelry Box:

The True Purpose Mala - Your true purpose can be revealed to you through your love of yoga. This month, we're excited to bring you our True Purpose Mala for welcoming change and opening your heart to what the future has in store for you. Earthy African turquoise beads will help you open your third eye chakra, which governs your intuition and foresight, while bold andradite garnet beads will keep you grounded as you toward becoming your truest self.

Black Agate and Sky Jasper Bracelet - To go with our True Purpose Mala, we are bringing you our matching bracelet made with grounding and protective black agate beads, known to bring peace when it's most needed. Sky blue jasper beads will also support your nobility of spirit and inspire your sense of courage to help support your personal purpose work.

Raw Energy and Life Chocolate Macaroon - Indulge in this chocolatey concoction of 100% raw vegan superfoods. Each macaroon contains a rich blend of organic cacao powder, extra virgin coconut oil, maca powder, spirulina, goji berries, and more to nourish your body while satisfying your sweet tooth.

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