• Susie Bower

Who is the Ultimate Reset for?

Updated: Feb 25

I believe everyone should FEEL good. Sometimes we get so stuck in our habits and life, we slowly start to decline in our health and don't even realize how bad we are getting until it manifests into a bigger issue.

In the info group I have been uploading this video series answering the most asked questions. Then I had a few people from Instagram and YouTube message me saying they want more information, but they don't use Facebook. So this is my answer to that issue! I will also post the series in my blog that way they still get the information they want and so can others who might not use social media.

So who is the Ultimate Reset for? I'm going to list a few different things it has been able to help people with. If you answer yes to at least 2 or more of these, I'd say it's definitely something you should consider doing for your health.

Do you have any of these:

- Stuck in a plateau with weight loss

- Tired, fatigued frequently, lack of energy - especially if you feel like you NEED caffeine or stimulants.

- Addicted to or have strong sugar cravings

- If you have become dependent on processed foods, fast foods, eating out all the time - the convenient meals

- If you want an eye opening learning experience about food triggers you may have (and might not even know about)

- Feel bloated often or just feel off

- Feel like you are settling for feeling ok, don't really know what it feels like to feel good

- Brain fog, lack of focus and clarity

- Mood swings, irritable or crabby

- Feel like you are doing all the right things, but you aren't seeing the results you feel you should

- Frequent constipation or diarrhea - don't have regular bowel movements

- Want to improve gut health and digestion

- Want a safe, gentle and natural detox/cleanse program

So how did you do? Do you have some of those going on? If so, stick around, I'm going to be talking about some of the things you can expect from doing the Ultimate Reset, as well as how to get a discount and be a part of our private group so I can work one on one with you.

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