Mom life can be crazy

The baggage you are carrying keeps getting heavier until you address it! That’s where my Soul Powered Life Method comes in. We work together to cultivate self awareness and acceptance by breaking through the barriers of mom fatigue, burnout, shame and guilt to allow you to feel relief and a renewed sense of life and purpose.

Using my realistic and personalized approach to self healing, you will immediately feel a shift in your perspective!

Fresh Salad

Starvation. Fad diets. Obsessing over food. Not sure when to eat or workout. Dying during workouts. Frustration from not getting the results your friend did. Confusion from conflicting information on women's health. If your tired of counting calories, measuring foods, feeling guilt or shame from what you eat, then this program is for you.  Learn how to NOT diet by tuning into the cues from your body and have food freedom.

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This program was created during my own recovery from my second back surgery.  Whether you are returning to fitness after an injury/surgery or have never worked out, this program is designed to keep your body aligned while performing functional training movements to encourage muscle activation with proper form.  Safely continue progression in your strength, flexibility and stability.

As your Transformation and Mindset Mentor, with over 20 years experience in helping women, I’m committed to empowering you to live a healthier life through a program personalized to your current life stage and goals. Together, we’ll push boundaries to find new and better ways to achieve your goals.

My mission and promise to you is to:

  • Remind you that you are enough - right here, right now

  • Get you out of the cycle of negative self talk and create more self awareness

  • Nurture a safe and supportive environment for you to discover your value and worth 

  • Assure you - you are not alone in your struggles with motherhood and/or depression

  • Free you from the confusion and myths of diet CULTure and stop dieting for good


As someone who used alcohol to cope with my depression, anger, and self bullying, it wasn't until I healed past traumas that I was able to break free and understand the debilitating impact of self doubt. Your program is created from my experience from working with hundreds of women, as well as my own personal 24 year journey with depression and 10 years of motherhood. We work together to develop a realistic approach that fits your current circumstances, lifestyle and goals.  You will not find a program more  transformative on a personal level - the life you have been wanting is just a few clicks away.  Together we can accomplish it!