Soul Powered


Our team's mission: Optimize women's health, starting with ourselves!

Our Family

One of the most important aspects of a being on a health journey is having daily support. It goes much deeper than eating healthy and working out. 


As a military family, we don't live near our family. We learn to build solid friendships that go beyond our next duty station.  We call this our chosen family.  Our Soul Powered Family is a lot like our military family - always there for each other, no matter where in the world you might be.

Some of our tribe do this work as a side hustle to bring in a little income, while others are pursuing it as a full time job.

Virtual Bootcamp and Online Workouts

Connect with our online family to celebrate victories, overcome obstacles and learn more about your own physical and mental strength! We share recipes, tips, lifestyle skills, learn how to balance the work, home and family life, and become a support system to lift each other up.

The best part of this is that you are never alone!  Someone in our tribe is probably experiencing the same things as you. Together you can hold each other accountable to reaching your goals!


We even meet up online and workout together to keep the accountability and motivation up!

Live Events

Once a year we all come together to celebrate our achievements, finally meet team members in person, be around positive, like-minded people, learn new business skills and have the largest group workout ever!

There are also quarterly live events packed with inspirational speakers, program and/or product launches and I host several local events a year too!

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