Soul Powered Life Method

Feeling stuck and in a funk, but unsure why? We all get stuck and in a funk, that's normal.  It's what happens after we get stuck that matters.  

Chances are, you're here because you are tired of being stuck and instead of doing what you usually do, like jumping from one diet to the next and then beating yourself up when it doesn't work or you "fall off the wagon" and feel like a failure - you are ready to start questioning why you feel stuck and how to end this cycle. 

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During your journey as a mom, you got so caught up in trying to portray an image of a perfect mom who has her shit together all the time, you got lost.  You became overwhelmed in the ideas of what motherhood was supposed to be, you felt like a failure when things didn't go the way you thought they would. You wanted to live up to the standards of a Super Mom and instead of asking for help, you buried yourself deeper in guilt and shame of perceived judgement.  Does any of that sound familiar?

You're here because you have a choice to make, do you:

       continue down this path of feeling so tired and exhausted, giving all you have to

everyone else and neglecting yourself and emotional/physical needs

- OR -

enter into a partnership to peel back the layers of emotions and feelings you've been suppressing and emerge as the woman you desire to be


Who is this program for?

Motherhood struggles can slowly add up, leaving us one day looking in the mirror completely unable to identify with the woman in the reflection. How did we get like this? Flashing back to that moment our emotions took over and we lashed out and yelled at our kids or spouse at something so small and trivial.  Here's the thing - the baggage we continue to carry will only get heavier the longer we refuse to address it.

Beyond tired and fatigued.

Frustrated by weight gain for no reason.

Bouts of insomnia.

Feeling guilty for saying yes to something you should have said no to.

Shame and/or disgust when you look in the mirror.

Can't ask for help because we will be judged for not being able to handle it on our own.

Feeling like a shitty mom, wife, and friend.

No idea of who you are or what you want from life anymore.

Living day to day on auto pilot.

Tired of the constant mood swings.

What makes the Soul Powered Life Method different?

Most programs you will find on the internet are basic cookie cutter plans, made to be sold to the masses without taking into account the individual. For example, have you ever done the same fitness or nutrition plan as your friend or spouse and had different results? It's not because the other person was better at following the rules than you, it's because you are two different people, with different needs, beliefs and conditionings.

The Soul Powered Life Method is made for the individual. We are all different and have so many different pieces to our puzzle that a cookie cutter plan can't address. When we decide to make ourselves the priority again, there is a shift that happens. By giving ourselves the chance to tune in and focus on what our body is telling us, we are able to make the small adjustments needed to lift the heaviness and pressure we've been under for so long and bring our entire being back into alignment and harmony. 

Previous clients also had improvements with:

  • Eliminating the one size fits all approaches to dieting, yo-yo diet cycles and going on the latest "trending" diet

  • Waking up well rested and feeling refreshed

  • Eliminating nagging cravings

  • The struggle to understand their body and balance female hormones (PMS issues)

  • Freeing themselves from toxic relationships

  • Feeling overwhelmed by stress at work, zoom burnout

  • Thriving in their physical and emotional body

  • Not defining their worth or value in the scale or clothing sizes

  • Developing emotional awareness, no longer getting irritated quickly or mood swings

  • Truly LOVING the reflection in the mirror

  • No longer feeling stagnant in their intimate romantic life

  • No longer attracting negative people or problems into their life

To eliminate more feelings of overwhelm, we will take small steps that over time will become a massive transformation.  Together we will get real on where you are currently at and what you want to feel and where you want to be. You will never be alone on this journey to re-discovering who you are as a woman. Your thoughts, feelings and emotions will never again be pushed to the side, covered up or suppressed to make others feel comfortable. External and/or internal pressures, outside influences and unrealistic ideals will no longer consume your thoughts or define what you "should" be.

Soul Powered Life Method

Hybrid Program

Self paced online modules with high accountability to ensure you follow through to completion


1 monthly private 1:1 coaching call

1 monthly group call - Q&A and hot seat coaching

Unlimited email, private message communication/support between calls


Detailed health history and evaluation to ensure a personalized program for you


Create radical self awareness and acceptance

Develop healthy strategies for cultivating emotional intelligence 

Discover how to easily adapt to any season of life or change in life stages


Worksheets, handouts and referral recommendations for deeper dives

Exclusive discounts to continue membership, as well as discounts on additional programs 


The opportunity to beta test future programs before they are released

What it would feel like to:

Create a sense of freedom from being constantly judged?

Be inspired by the woman you've become?


No longer allow the thoughts/opinions of others to dictate your life?

Be proud of the role model you've become for your kids?

Stop thinking you are a failure, broken, or something is wrong with you?

No longer need to cope with pain with harmful vices?

Be free from guilt or shame from not being the perfect mom?

No longer feel so exhausted all the time?

No longer hide your feelings and emotions and be free to feel and express them?

Cut out comparison to others on social media?


Know your kids will feel safe coming to you when they don't feel ok because you taught them it's ok to not always be ok?

Have so much self love it overflows to everyone in your life, creating a ripple effect?

Embrace and celebrate your uniqueness and not afraid to share it with the world?

No longer feel lonely or isolated in your motherhood journey?

Eliminate the feelings of being emotionally empty and drained of life?

Ready to work together?

Single Payment

Request to pay in Full for 6 month program

Two Payments

Pay for first installment now, second installment paid at 3rd month

6 Monthly Payments

Pay 1st month, set up monthly payment plan