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I'm not going to make you change everything you are currently doing.

I'm not going to tell you that you must only eat lettuce or follow a restrictive diet.

I'm not going to give you a crazy workout you have to wake up at 4 am to do.

What I am going to do is let you know this is not a quick fix, so if that is what you came looking for - I'm not your girl.


We are going to work on the things that matter to YOUR BODY, which will result in your body naturally:

  • releasing excess body fat

  • increasing your energy levels (no more mid day low energy crashes)

  • decrease your stress levels

  • dramatically improve the quality of your sleep - which will have a positive impact on your immune system, hormones, gut health, physical pain or discomfort, ability to recover, and so much more

This isn't for everyone, if you're still stuck in victim mode wanting to blame others for why things don't work, it's not for you. I'm not going to drag you along and hope you wake up in the process.


You have to be so sick and tired of feeling the way you do, there is no other option other than to change your habits that got you here.

You must be ready to be honest with yourself (and me) and uncover why you are stuck in these patterns/habits that are holding you back. You will probably get mad, cry and want to scream. These are all good things and show energy moving in the right direction. We are going to get deep. Be ready.

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This is for the woman who is tired of feeling like shit (mentally and/or physically) and is READY. Ready to:

  •  take ownership of the current patterns/habits and acknowledge YOU are the only one that can change them

  • stop jumping from one diet to the next and finally stop dieting for good

  • understand why her body responds the way it does and what she can do about it

  • discover how to work with your body when it comes to nutrition and exercise - no more forcing


Soul Powered Mind & Body Method

2 back surgeries

2 pregnancies both ending in c-sections

20+ years living with high functioning depression

Living in 4 different countries and traveling the world as a family of 4

Through all of this, one thing has lead to my success - I have remained consistent in knowing what works best for my body and providing it what it needs. After having my first back surgery over 20 years ago, I decided I was done with the dieting and done mistreating my body.

The photo you see above is a snapshot of the past 15 years of my journey. 


The Soul Powered Mind & Body Method is not a new program. It teaches you everything I have learned over the years and shared exclusively with my one on one private clients. After seeing their success over the years, I have been called to open this opportunity into a small, intimate group program.

The point of the photo is to show you what consistency looks like. THAT is what the Soul Powered Mind & Body Method is all about - discovering how you can work WITH your body by:

  • learning to interpret your body's cues and how it responds

  • how to be consistent and show up for yourself

  • understanding what your body needs so you can provide for it and NEVER have to diet again

Over 20+ years of working with women has also taught me a lot and created the foundation of the Soul Powered Mind & Body Method, allowing this program to stand out from the others.

COMMUNITY: Going on a health journey can feel lonely, especially if you don't have the support from those around you. Women in my previous group programs have seen better results because of the community aspect and support of other women going through similar experiences. 

OPTIONS: No one likes to be told what they can and can't do. This only sets you up to feel shame and guilt for "falling off". In every phase of the Soul Powered Mind & Body Method, you have options.  YOU get to choose what feels like the best and easiest option for you to follow through with, making this program truly customized to YOUR specific needs and current lifestyle. 

NO RESTRICTIONS: No one likes restrictions and not being allowed to have certain things. That creates a scarcity mindset, sets you up to binge or feel like you lose control. You get to make your own choices, be present in your body and understand the consequences, and learn from the entire experience. This teaches you how to trust yourself and drop the "all or nothing" mentality.

ANTI-PERFECTIONISM: Nothing you do will be perfect. Striving for perfection creates unrealistic expectations and often we eventually burnout and give up. When we start on a journey, we can be happy to learn through trial and error, and by making mistakes. Embracing and being as pleased with the processes as with the outcomes will allow us to become free from limiting expectations.

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