• Susie Bower

Shakeology recipes - NOT shakes

I'm not really a fan of shakes. Don't get me wrong, there's a time and place for them and for me that's really only if I'm in a big rush.

I prefer to have my ShakeO as a dessert, smoothie bowl or yummy snack/treat! See, I have a sweet tooth and I found out years ago that I can keep it completely under control if I make my Shakeology fun. There's something kind of amazing about making something so healthy look and taste like a dessert! This is my guilt free way to transform healthy, but boring as a shake, into something fun. I love to experiment with flavors and textures!

I'm all about not depriving or telling myself a food is "off limits". I believe in listening to your body and if you want something, it's ok to have it - in moderation. See, the funny thing about our body is that when we are FED (emotionally, mentally AND physically) we tend to not have cravings simply because we are getting what we need and don't desire anything else. That's a whole different post though 😉

Check out some of the delicious Shakeology recipes I've created!

Chocolate Shakeology Peanut Butter cups

Vanilla Shakeology smoothie bowl

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