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Break free from living in auto pilot, wearing the "I'm fine" mask and step into to your journey to empowered living.

There's a reason you've been stuck trying to lose the same 10-30 lbs. for years, together we will get to the root cause of your weight loss struggle so you never have to diet again!

I understand the unspoken battles that many women face. Behind the mask of "I'm fine" lies a world of emotions and a silent struggle that deserve acknowledgment, healing, and transformation.

I invite you to embark on a journey where holistic coaching combined with powerful movement, and transformational breathwork becomes your allies in breaking free from the stress, societal pressure, and burdens that weighs you down (physically and emotionally).

Why Empowered Mind, Body, and Breath?

Heal the Unseen Wounds

It's time to honor your emotions, to shed the weight of the past that has been silently carried. Our comprehensive approach provides a safe space for you to release the pain that has been buried within.

Rediscover Your Inner Light

Uncover the radiance that has been dimmed by constant comparison and feelings of inadequacy. Our personalized coaching empowers you to reconnect with your inherent worth and embrace your unique beauty.

Embrace Liberation, Shed Shame

The burden of guilt and shame will no longer define you. By acknowledging and healing, you pave the way for a new narrative—one of self-compassion and empowerment.

Transform from Within

This is not just about weight loss; it's about holistic transformation. Your journey will encompass healing your mind, nourishing your body, and igniting your soul.

Meet Susie

International Yoga Instructor

Board Certified Massage Therapist 

Personal Trainer & Movement Specialist

Integrative Holistic Wellness & Mindset Expert

Neurofit Trainer and 9D Breathwork Certified Facilitator

After 25 years in health, fitness, and wellness, I uncovered a passion for problem-solving rooted in exposing daily deceptions.

The diet, beauty, and pharmaceutical industries profit from insecurities, leading us away from our body’s innate wisdom. Our fast-paced society fuels comparison, pushing us to hustle and compete to do more or we will be replaced – all at the expense of our well-being. 

We were never taught healthy coping mechanisms, instead we are hiding behind the “I’m Fine” mask and feel guilt and shame for our behaviors, only to try to numb those feelings with “needing a drink” to wind down or decompress from the stressful day. Or we turn to food to comfort what we feel we are lacking. We have been discouraged from the things that heal our body like quality sleep, sunlight, moving our body, nourishing our body and mind.

This sets us up to live in a body we don’t recognize or feel good in, we’re always experiencing aches and pain, we obsess over dieting and looking a certain way, being strong for our family. The invisible weight we carry can shatter the ‘perfect’ facade and eventually we break down.

It’s time to unveil the pain we’ve been concealing, for the sake of our well-being. If we are empty, we can’t give to those we love. I was a high functioning depressive for decades. Taking off my mask, identifying my triggers and being willing to fight for a better life was how I took my power back from depression.

High-functioning depression isn’t a weakness; it’s an unseen battle. The exhaustion, the isolation, the guilt – they’re real, and acknowledging them is the first step towards reclaiming your life. I’m not a doctor and don’t pretend to be one. My mission is to give you the tools and guide you to tap back into the foundational basics needed to thrive and remind you, you’re not alone on this journey.

What I Specialize In

I am here to liberate you from your destructive habits and empower you to take back your life! Your body and health is a reflection of you lifestyle and what you've been conditioned to believe. It's never to late to innovate.

Your Journey to Liberation Starts Now

Breathe Out the Pain

Through the transformative power of breath, you'll release the pain that has been hidden, trapped in your subconscious mind and stored in the fascia of your body. The breathwork techniques will guide you to exhale the hurt you've unknowingly been holding on to and inhale the strength you've always possessed. Many who have experienced this breathwork have said it felt like years of therapy in one session - and they loved that they didn't even have to talk about it out loud.

Gentle Guidance

After the breathwork journey, you will experience high level coaching that provide compassionate support. Together, we'll unravel the patterns of comparison, self-doubt, and insecurity that have held you captive and breakdown the conditioning you've been fed your entire life. Discover how to re-align the way you react and the emotional experiences you have going forward and increase your self trust and belief.

Embrace Your Authenticity

As you embark on this journey, you'll discover the beauty that radiates from within you. I'm here to help you unveil the remarkable woman you've always been that you lost touch with. It's always been there, but outside sources sold you a narrative making you doubt everything you once believed.

Are you ready to liberate yourself from the heavy cloak of comparison, self-doubt, and guilt?

How would it feel to finally release the excess weight you have been trying to shed? It’s no longer your weight to carry.

Drop the burden of it being your fault you failed, when it really was the diet, food and beauty industry that failed you.

Your sanctuary of transformation and healing awaits. Explore my offerings, take the first step towards reclaiming your self-worth, and embark on a journey that leads to self-love and empowerment.

Optimal health is a CHOICE you make, not a PILL you take.

The journey towards health goes beyond fitness and nutrition.

No quick fixes or fad diets. You'll even be shocked at how simple it is.

- Caren J.

"I have never worked with a coach before. I was blown away by Susie's attention to detail and how very clearly she explained how my body was responding. She knew exactly what I was experiencing before I even told her."

- Teresa R.

“Where did you come from and why didn't I meet you 10 years ago?? You are disrupting the system in a GOOD way! I have learned so much about my body working with you and cannot thank you enough for helping me FINALLY loving my body - inside and out!!"

- Gracie B.

“Your passion, knowledge, and enthusiasm for what you teach shows! I love your no BS approach and that you tell it like it is - you speak the truth! You didn't just help me lose weight, you gave me hope for the future and our kids. Thank you!”

- Sarah H.

“Sleep issues? I don't have any, I sleep just fine - or so I thought anyway. Turns out I was just in denial! With the small and super easy changes you suggested, I have more energy, feel amazing in my body, and actually know what quality sleep is now!”

- Bethany D.

“I always said 'I tried everything and nothing worked', but I guess that wasn't true. I never thought I had a problem with alcohol until I took it away. Revealing it was what had been stalling my progress - with my weight and my mindset.”

- Michelle S.

“Girl, you blow my mind! At first I was mad, not at you, but at how much we are being lied to! It's no wonder It's no wonder women are so frustrated with dieting. What you say makes so much sense and what you teach actually works!”

- Marie D.

“I struggled forever to get results on my own. I was always jumping to the next thing. Who knew NOT dieting was my answer?! I've been able to lose 30 lbs. and keep it off for over a year!”

- Melissa R.

“I always thought it was food and workouts that made a person "healthy". Working with you I learned how sleep (or lack of in my case) and my stress was not allowing my to make progress."


and optimize your health

Unique classes that blends 20+ years as a massage therapist working with athletes and using myofascial release techniques, proper alignment to enhanced breathing, and somatic movements to release years of tension, create space, and reduce stress.

It’s not like any class you’ve ever taken – and I’ve never charged for a class. All yoga classes are a donation based class as my way to share the practices that changed my life and pay it forward to those in my community.

Join our private, online community for support and encouragement on your health journey. We might not all look the same or have the same goals, yet we all thrive on meaningful relationships, deep conversations, sharing life experiences, and having unconditional support. If you are ready to finally end your struggles with weight loss by ditching the quick fixes and digging down to the root causes of what’s holding you back, join The Foundations 5 Day Kickstart!

Combining conscious connected breathwork with the power of a 9 multi-dimensional sound experience that allows you to release negative thoughts, emotions, and stories that are attached to past memories and experiences. The completely guided journey allows you to rewire the way you think and see those past experiences and how you perceive stress moving forward. This is deep transformational breathwork allowing for you to overcome blocks that have been holding you back. Susie is Bahrain’s first and currently the only 9D Verified Breathwork Facilitator.

Many different factors in life contribute to nervous system imbalances. Poor diet, lack of exercise, and chronic stress can all lead to imbalance. Together, we can help re-balance your dysregulated nervous system and get you in optimal health.

NeuroFit is a nervous system trainer designed to improve well-being fast: on average, active members report 54% less stress after just 1 week. Through daily check-ins, biometric measurements via your phone’s camera, and tailored exercises, it removes stress at the source.