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Your Life Belongs to You. Take It Back.

How Do You Feel?

Do you have:

  • Racing thoughts or worry constantly?

  • Trouble getting to sleep  or staying  asleep?

  • Tired and wired?

  • Overwhelmed , no focus or lack of motivation?

  • Brain fog, confusion or trouble concentrating?

  • Depression or anxiety?

  • Easily angered or irritable?

  • Daily fatigue or exhaustion?

If you could answer yes to at least two of those, chances are, you might be suffering from stress. Unfortunately, stress is unavoidable. When the demands of our day to day life start to take control, we begin to feel the pressure of stress.  How we react to these stressors and our ability to cope with them is what shapes our experience with stress.  Chronic stress takes it's toll on the body (physical/emotional/spiritual).

The good news is, there are very easy and effective ways to handle stress in our life.  You don't have to feel like this anymore.

Optimal health and wellness is achieved when we align our environment, body and spirit as one. Through an integrative approach, I give you the tools to begin your journey to a new you—the real you. Find out more about my services and programs below.

Food Freedom and Fasting.jpg

Do you think you have to eat six small meals a day in order to lose weight?  Must follow keto, paleo, whole 30, weight watchers, juice fast, blah, blah, blah.....  If you've ever jumped from one diet trend to then next, it's time to stop that shit.  Have you ever NOT dieted?  I know, that's crazy talk.  Women have been conditioned to think there is something wrong with us when our diet fails, but it's not true.  We were manipulated and deceived.  The big food industry create "food" in labs, making it extra tasty, super addictive and not the least bit healthy. 


Food Freedom takes you down a path to discover YOUR way of eating.  

Milk Bath

Life can seem like a repetitive cycle of waking up, eating, working and sleeping. That the daily grind can fill our minds and bodies with negative energy and stress. De-stress Method is your personalized guide to self-exploration, self-discovery of your stress response to your daily stressors, learn optimal techniques and create long term stress management habits.

There's a reason why stress is known as the silent killer.

Ocean Rocks

Everybody holds the key to their own healing, but sometimes the body needs a little help. That’s where my Soul Powered Life program comes in. As an experienced Holistic Health and Wellness Mentor, I work with you to restore balance to the 12 key areas of your life.

Your life only gets better when you do. 

Invest in yourself, do the work and the rest will follow.

Dancing Women

Soul Sexy Tribe will help you find your best self through cultivation of your ideal sexy self.  Just as a healthy body looks different on everyone, your own idea of what makes you look and feel sexy is individual.  This community was created to bring women together to celebrate and empower each other. You were born to be real, not perfect. 


If you’re searching for that one person that will change your life,

take a look in the mirror.

Success Stories

I’ve been honored to work with some amazing human beings and am deeply grateful for their willingness to share their experiences. Scroll below and see what some of my previous clients had to say.

“I have never worked with a coach before. I was blown away by Susie's attention to detail and how she very clearly explained how my body was responding. She knew exactly what I was experiencing before I had even told her..”

"I've struggled forever to get results on my own.  I was always jumping to the next thing. Who knew NOT dieting was the answer?! I've been able to lose over 30 pounds and KEEP it off for over a year!"

“The Soul Powered Life Program addresses more than just nutrition and working out. I always thought I was a failure because I could never stick to a program. Once I learned the impact of my sleep and how to improve them, I IMMEDIATELY saw results!”

“You made me dig deep into myself, to find the self determination to be accountable for myself.”

“I always thought it was food and workouts that made a person "healthy".  By working with you I learned how sleep (or lack of) and my stress was not allowing me to see progress.”

“I always said "I tried everything and nothing worked" but I guess that wasn't true.  I never thought I had a problem with alcohol, until I took it away.”

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