You can't pour from an empty cup...

with  Susie Bower

You nurture others, but who nurtures you?

Why do we as women feel so guilty when it comes to our own self care?  We would rather run ourselves ragged into the ground (physically and mentally) and sacrifice our own health, than to just take ten, thirty minutes or even an hour or two a day to take care of ourselves.   

I have been in the health, fitness and wellness industry for 20 years now.  It wasn't until about 17 years ago I realized the value of self care and whole body health and began to truly implement it.  In the last 10 years, I have become laser focused on my body and it's specific needs. Approaching your forties shouldn't be scary, this should be the freaking PRIME of your life!  It's time to balance your hormones, feel incredible everyday, stop the diet yo-yo cycle and heal the damage done to your body from the inside out.

A full, complete package of total body wellness is what I offer to my clients.  I serve women who are READY and looking to make the commitment to themselves to step into their power, find what aligns with their life and goals and take action.  We take a deeper dive into your life and see how all aspects are functioning and how we can make adjustments get them in sync with your desires.  Often the areas that are being compromised are the most important that are screaming for your attention and you don't even realize they have been neglected.  These elements are what I like to refer to as the Petals of Life, when these elements are in full bloom, it leads to living a Soul Powered Life.  

It's kind of ironic that sometimes we have to experience a tragedy before we realize what we have. 


For me it wasn't until my 20's when I woke up one day and my legs felt weird.  That weird feeling soon turned into excruciating pain in my low back, followed by both legs randomly going numb.  I had a ruptured disc between L4 and L5.  The neurologist also warned me I had a few other discs that didn't look great - they were degenerating.  I ended up having a laminectomy at age 20.  Recovery from this surgery was the most intense and painful things I had ever gone through and this had a HUGE impact on my life.

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Meet Susie

Susie has been in the health, fitness and wellness industry for 20 years.  Through her own self experimentation and serving mostly female clients, she has been able to achieve results that create optimal female health, which aligns with creating a sustainable lifestyle where you don't feel like you are always struggling to find what works. 


Together you will discover how to align your health and wellness with your goals to achieve the life you have always wanted.   We do EVERYTHING specifically for your body and your goals.

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